Detailed Translations for skin from English to Dutch


skin [the ~] noun

  1. the skin (pelt; coat; hide)
    de huid; het vel
    • huid [de ~] noun
    • vel [het ~] noun
  2. the skin
    het hachje
  3. the skin (peel; rind; shell)
    de peul; de schil; het vel
  4. the skin
    – A customized user interface that overlays an existing user interface. A skin customizes the look of the program but does not affect its functionality. Programs that allow the use of skins usually make standards available for the creation and distribution of new skins. 1
    de weergave

to skin verb (skins, skinned, skinning)

  1. to skin (peel; rind)
    schillen; pellen; jassen
    • schillen verb (schil, schilt, schilde, schilden, geschild)
    • pellen verb (pel, pelt, pelde, pelden, gepeld)
    • jassen verb (jas, jast, jaste, jasten, gejast)
  2. to skin (poach; flay; bone)
    villen; stropen; afhalen; afstropen; uitbenen
    • villen verb (vil, vilt, vilde, vilden, gevild)
    • stropen verb (stroop, stroopt, stroopte, stroopten, gestroopt)
    • afhalen verb (haal af, haalt af, haalde af, haalden af, afgehaald)
    • afstropen verb (stroop af, stroopt af, stroopte af, stroopten af, afgestroopt)
    • uitbenen verb (been uit, beent uit, beende uit, beenden uit, uitgebeend)
  3. to skin (peel)
    • vervellen verb (vervel, vervelt, vervelde, vervelden, verveld)
  4. to skin (graze; strip; fleece; debark)
    stropen; ontvellen
    • stropen verb (stroop, stroopt, stroopte, stroopten, gestroopt)
    • ontvellen verb (ontvel, ontvelt, ontvelde, ontvelden, ontveld)
  5. to skin (plane down; shave off)
    • afschaven verb (schaaf af, schaaft af, schaafde af, schaafden af, afgeschaafd)
  6. to skin
    – To apply a skin to an existing user interface. 1

Conjugations for skin:

  1. skin
  2. skin
  3. skins
  4. skin
  5. skin
  6. skin
simple past
  1. skinned
  2. skinned
  3. skinned
  4. skinned
  5. skinned
  6. skinned
present perfect
  1. have skinned
  2. have skinned
  3. has skinned
  4. have skinned
  5. have skinned
  6. have skinned
past continuous
  1. was skinning
  2. were skinning
  3. was skinning
  4. were skinning
  5. were skinning
  6. were skinning
  1. shall skin
  2. will skin
  3. will skin
  4. shall skin
  5. will skin
  6. will skin
continuous present
  1. am skinning
  2. are skinning
  3. is skinning
  4. are skinning
  5. are skinning
  6. are skinning
  1. be skinned
  2. be skinned
  3. be skinned
  4. be skinned
  5. be skinned
  6. be skinned
  1. skin!
  2. let's skin!
  3. skinned
  4. skinning
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for skin:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afschaven planing down
afstropen dragging; lugging; searching; searching for
hachje skin
huid coat; hide; pelt; skin
jassen coats; overcoats
ontvellen abrasion; graze
pellen peeling
peul peel; rind; shell; skin
schil peel; rind; shell; skin hull; husk; shell
schillen skins
vel coat; hide; peel; pelt; rind; shell; skin membrane; piece of paper; sheet; sheet of paper
vervellen peeling
weergave skin record; refund; reimbursement; report; restitution; restoration; retrocession; return; survey; view
- cutis; hide; peel; pelt; tegument
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afhalen bone; flay; poach; skin collect; come round for; fetch; pick up; take; take along; take away
afschaven plane down; shave off; skin
afstropen bone; flay; poach; skin
jassen peel; rind; skin peel potatoes
ontvellen debark; fleece; graze; skin; strip
pellen peel; rind; skin peel
schillen peel; rind; skin
stropen bone; debark; flay; fleece; graze; poach; skin; strip
uitbenen bone; flay; poach; skin
vervellen peel; skin
villen bone; flay; poach; skin
weergave toepassen skin
- bark; clamber; pare; peel; scramble; scrape; shin; shinny; sputter; struggle
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afhalen will call
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- bleed; fleece

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Synonyms for "skin":

Related Definitions for "skin":

  1. body covering of a living animal2
  2. an outer surface (usually thin)2
    • the skin of an airplane2
  3. a bag serving as a container for liquids; it is made from the hide of an animal2
  4. a natural protective body covering and site of the sense of touch2
    • your skin is the largest organ of your body2
  5. the rind of a fruit or vegetable2
  6. a person's skin regarded as their life2
    • he tried to save his skin2
  7. strip the skin off2
  8. remove the bark of a tree2
  9. bruise, cut, or injure the skin or the surface of2
    • The boy skinned his knee when he fell2
  10. climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling2
  11. A customized user interface that overlays an existing user interface. A skin customizes the look of the program but does not affect its functionality. Programs that allow the use of skins usually make standards available for the creation and distribution of new skins.1
  12. To apply a skin to an existing user interface.1

Wiktionary Translations for skin:

  1. outer covering of the body of a person or animal
  2. the outer protective layer of any plant or animal
  3. skin of an animal used by humans
  4. congealed layer on the surface of a liquid
  5. image used as the background of graphical user interface
  6. rolling paper for cigarettes
  7. skinhead
  1. to injure the skin of
  2. to remove the skin of
  3. to use a replacement image for the graphical user interface of
  1. vel, de buitenste laag weefsel die het lichaam bedekt
  2. de buitenbekleding van een schip
  3. behaarde huid van een dier, vel van woldragende dieren, met de wol erop
  1. van het vel ontdoen

Cross Translation:
skin huid Haut — größtes Sinnesorgan bei Menschen und Tieren, das gleichzeitig als Schutz des darunter liegenden Gewebes, Atmung, Wärmeregulierung und anderem dient
skin verwijderen; afhalen abisolieren — die Isolierung von einem elektrischen Leiter entfernen
skin gappen; ontvreemden; stelen; afpellen; jassen; schillen; beroven; ontnemen; ontdoen; ontvellen; stropen; villen; ontbloten; ontdekken dépouiller — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
skin huid peau — anatomie|fr enveloppe d’un corps humain ou animal.

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