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  1. thumb ride:


Detailed Translations for thumb ride from English to Dutch

thumb ride:

to thumb ride verb (thumbs ride, thumb rode, thumb riding)

  1. to thumb ride (hitchhike; hitch a ride)
    liften; liftend reizen
    • liften verb (lift, liftte, liftten, gelift)
    • liftend reizen verb (reis liftend, reist liftend, reisde liftend, reisden liftend, liftend gereisd)

Conjugations for thumb ride:

  1. thumb ride
  2. thumb ride
  3. thumbs ride
  4. thumb ride
  5. thumb ride
  6. thumb ride
simple past
  1. thumb rode
  2. thumb rode
  3. thumb rode
  4. thumb rode
  5. thumb rode
  6. thumb rode
present perfect
  1. have thumb ridden
  2. have thumb ridden
  3. has thumb ridden
  4. have thumb ridden
  5. have thumb ridden
  6. have thumb ridden
past continuous
  1. was thumb riding
  2. were thumb riding
  3. was thumb riding
  4. were thumb riding
  5. were thumb riding
  6. were thumb riding
  1. shall thumb ride
  2. will thumb ride
  3. will thumb ride
  4. shall thumb ride
  5. will thumb ride
  6. will thumb ride
continuous present
  1. am thumb riding
  2. are thumb riding
  3. is thumb riding
  4. are thumb riding
  5. are thumb riding
  6. are thumb riding
  1. be thumb ridden
  2. be thumb ridden
  3. be thumb ridden
  4. be thumb ridden
  5. be thumb ridden
  6. be thumb ridden
  1. thumb ride!
  2. let's thumb ride!
  3. thumb ridden
  4. thumb riding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for thumb ride:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
liften hitch a ride; hitchhike; thumb ride
liftend reizen hitch a ride; hitchhike; thumb ride

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