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  1. unprocessed:


Detailed Translations for unprocessed from English to Dutch


unprocessed adj

  1. unprocessed
  2. unprocessed (unboiled; raw)

Translation Matrix for unprocessed:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
onbewerkt unprocessed
ongekookt raw; unboiled; unprocessed
rauw raw; unboiled; unprocessed
ruw unprocessed big-boned; feral; hard; hard-handed; harsh; heavily-built; hefty; rough; stocky; unbroken; untamed; violent; wild
- crude; unrefined

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Related Definitions for "unprocessed":

  1. not treated or prepared by a special process1
  2. not altered from an original or natural state1
    • unprocessed commodities1
  3. not refined or processed1