Detailed Translations for unscrew from English to Dutch


to unscrew verb (unscrews, unscrewed, unscrewing)

  1. to unscrew (loosen; screw off; screw open)
    losdraaien; losschroeven
    • losdraaien verb (draai los, draait los, draaide los, draaiden los, losgedraaid)
    • losschroeven verb (schroef los, schroeft los, schroefde los, schroefden los, losgeschroefd)
  2. to unscrew (turn on; open; open up; unlock)
    openen; ontsluiten; opendraaien
    • openen verb (open, opent, opende, openden, geopend)
    • ontsluiten verb (ontsluit, ontsloot, ontsloten, ontsloten)
    • opendraaien verb (draai open, draait open, draaide open, draaiden open, opengedraaid)
  3. to unscrew (screw off; disconnect; loosen)
    • openschroeven verb (schroef open, schroeft open, schroefde open, schroefden open, opengeschroefd)
  4. to unscrew (screw off; screw open; disconnect; loosen)
    • afschroeven verb (schroef af, schroeft af, schroefde af, schroefden af, afgeschroefd)

Conjugations for unscrew:

  1. unscrew
  2. unscrew
  3. unscrews
  4. unscrew
  5. unscrew
  6. unscrew
simple past
  1. unscrewed
  2. unscrewed
  3. unscrewed
  4. unscrewed
  5. unscrewed
  6. unscrewed
present perfect
  1. have unscrewed
  2. have unscrewed
  3. has unscrewed
  4. have unscrewed
  5. have unscrewed
  6. have unscrewed
past continuous
  1. was unscrewing
  2. were unscrewing
  3. was unscrewing
  4. were unscrewing
  5. were unscrewing
  6. were unscrewing
  1. shall unscrew
  2. will unscrew
  3. will unscrew
  4. shall unscrew
  5. will unscrew
  6. will unscrew
continuous present
  1. am unscrewing
  2. are unscrewing
  3. is unscrewing
  4. are unscrewing
  5. are unscrewing
  6. are unscrewing
  1. be unscrewed
  2. be unscrewed
  3. be unscrewed
  4. be unscrewed
  5. be unscrewed
  6. be unscrewed
  1. unscrew!
  2. let's unscrew!
  3. unscrewed
  4. unscrewing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for unscrew:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afschroeven unscrewing
losschroeven unscrewing
ontsluiten dilatation; disclosure; opening
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afschroeven disconnect; loosen; screw off; screw open; unscrew
losdraaien loosen; screw off; screw open; unscrew
losschroeven loosen; screw off; screw open; unscrew
ontsluiten open; open up; turn on; unlock; unscrew open; open up; unbolt; unlock
opendraaien open; open up; turn on; unlock; unscrew
openen open; open up; turn on; unlock; unscrew add; add on to; bring up; broach; broach a subject; build out; cut into; expand; extend; introduce; make public; open; open up; publish; put forward; put on the table; release; start; swell; uncover; unlock; widen
openschroeven disconnect; loosen; screw off; unscrew

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Related Definitions for "unscrew":

  1. loosen something by unscrewing it1
    • unscrew the outlet plate1
  2. loosen by turning1
    • unscrew the bottle cap1