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Detailed Translations for grammatical from English to Swedish


Translation Matrix for grammatical:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- grammatic; well-formed
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
grammatikalisk grammatical
grammatikaliskt grammatical
grammatiskt grammatical
språkvetenskaplig grammatical; linguistic
språkvetenskapligt grammatical; linguistic

Related Words for "grammatical":

  • ungrammatical, grammatically

Synonyms for "grammatical":

Antonyms for "grammatical":

  • ungrammatical

Related Definitions for "grammatical":

  1. conforming to the rules of grammar or usage accepted by native speakers1
    • spoke in grammatical sentences1
  2. of or pertaining to grammar1
    • grammatical rules1
    • grammatical gender1

Wiktionary Translations for grammatical:

  1. acceptable as determined by the rules of the grammar

Cross Translation:
grammatical grammatikalisk grammatikalisch — die Grammatik betreffend, sich auf sie beziehend (= die Sprachlehre betreffend)
grammatical grammatisk grammatischLinguistik: die Grammatik betreffend

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