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Detailed Translations for mint from English to Swedish


to mint verb (mints, minted, minting)

  1. to mint (strike coins; coin)
    prägla; mynta; prägla mynt
    • prägla verb (präglar, präglade, präglat)
    • mynta verb (myntar, myntade, myntat)
    • prägla mynt verb (präglar mynt, präglade mynt, präglat mynt)
  2. to mint (coin)
    • mynta verb (myntar, myntade, myntat)

Conjugations for mint:

  1. mint
  2. mint
  3. mints
  4. mint
  5. mint
  6. mint
simple past
  1. minted
  2. minted
  3. minted
  4. minted
  5. minted
  6. minted
present perfect
  1. have minted
  2. have minted
  3. has minted
  4. have minted
  5. have minted
  6. have minted
past continuous
  1. was minting
  2. were minting
  3. was minting
  4. were minting
  5. were minting
  6. were minting
  1. shall mint
  2. will mint
  3. will mint
  4. shall mint
  5. will mint
  6. will mint
continuous present
  1. am minting
  2. are minting
  3. is minting
  4. are minting
  5. are minting
  6. are minting
  1. be minted
  2. be minted
  3. be minted
  4. be minted
  5. be minted
  6. be minted
  1. mint!
  2. let's mint!
  3. minted
  4. minting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for mint:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- mint candy
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
mynta coin; mint; strike coins
prägla coin; mint; strike coins impress; press
prägla mynt coin; mint; strike coins
- coin; strike

Related Words for "mint":

  • minting

Synonyms for "mint":

Related Definitions for "mint":

  1. as if new1
    • in mint condition1
  2. a plant where money is coined by authority of the government1
  3. a candy that is flavored with a mint oil1
  4. the leaves of a mint plant used fresh or candied1
  5. any member of the mint family of plants1
  6. any north temperate plant of the genus Mentha with aromatic leaves and small mauve flowers1
  7. form by stamping, punching, or printing1

Wiktionary Translations for mint:

  1. herb flavouring
  2. plant
  3. large amount of money
  4. money-producing building or institution
  1. to reproduce coins

Cross Translation:
mint mynta munt — een plant met sterk aromatische blaadjes waarvan muntthee wordt getrokken, ze worden ook als keukenkruid gebruikt
mint mynta MinzeBotanik, im Singular: ein Vertreter der Minzen
mint mynta menthe — (botanique) plante odoriférante, de la famille des labiées.

Related Translations for mint


Detailed Translations for mint from Swedish to English


minnas verb (minns, minnde, mint)

  1. minnas (påminna; erinra; ihågkomma)
    to remind; to recall to memory; to dun; to remember
    • remind verb (reminds, reminded, reminding)
    • recall to memory verb (recalls to memory, recalled to memory, recalling to memory)
    • dun verb (duns, dunned, dunning)
    • remember verb (remembers, remembered, remembering)
  2. minnas (tänka tillbaka på)
    to think back to; to cast one's mind back to
    • think back to verb (thinks back to, thought back to, thinking back to)
    • cast one's mind back to verb (casts one's mind back to, casted one's mind back to, casting one's mind back to)

Conjugations for minnas:

  1. minns
  2. minns
  3. minns
  4. minns
  5. minns
  6. minns
  1. minnde
  2. minnde
  3. minnde
  4. minnde
  5. minnde
  6. minnde
framtid 1
  1. kommer att minnas
  2. kommer att minnas
  3. kommer att minnas
  4. kommer att minnas
  5. kommer att minnas
  6. kommer att minnas
framtid 2
  1. skall minnas
  2. skall minnas
  3. skall minnas
  4. skall minnas
  5. skall minnas
  6. skall minnas
  1. skulle minnas
  2. skulle minnas
  3. skulle minnas
  4. skulle minnas
  5. skulle minnas
  6. skulle minnas
perfekt particip
  1. har mint
  2. har mint
  3. har mint
  4. har mint
  5. har mint
  6. har mint
imperfekt particip
  1. hade mint
  2. hade mint
  3. hade mint
  4. hade mint
  5. hade mint
  6. hade mint
  1. minns!
  2. minns!
  3. minnande
1. jag, 2. du/ni, 3. han/hon/den/det, 4. vi, 5. ni, 6. de

minnas noun

  1. minnas
    the recall

Translation Matrix for minnas:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
recall minnas ringa om; ringa tillbaka; tillbakakallende; återkallende; återringa
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
cast one's mind back to minnas; tänka tillbaka på
dun erinra; ihågkomma; minnas; påminna egga; kalla på; mana; uppmana
recall kalla tillbaka; återkalla
recall to memory erinra; ihågkomma; minnas; påminna
remember erinra; ihågkomma; minnas; påminna avhålla sig; avstå; få en att minnas; få en att tänka på; glömma inte; hålla tillbaka; kom ihåg; komma ihåg; påminna; påminna en om
remind erinra; ihågkomma; minnas; påminna glömma inte; kom ihåg; påminna; skicka efter
think back to minnas; tänka tillbaka på
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dun gråbrun; gråbrunt; mörkbrun; mörkbrunt
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
recall hemkallas; hemkallelse; rappell; återkallelse

Synonyms for "minnas":

Wiktionary Translations for minnas:

  1. to remember, recollect
  2. to recall past events
  3. to recall from one's memory
  4. to memorize
  5. to remember or recall something

Cross Translation:
minnas remember erinnern — (reflexiv) mit Genitivobjekt: Erinnerung wachrufen
minnas remember erinnern — (reflexiv) mit Präpositionalobjekt: im Gedächtnis behalten haben