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Detailed Translations for once from English to Swedish


once adv

  1. once
  2. once

Translation Matrix for once:

AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- at one time; erst; erstwhile; formerly; in one case; one time
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
det var en gång once
förr once formerly; in bygone days; in former times; in old days; in old times; of yore

Synonyms for "once":

Related Definitions for "once":

  1. on one occasion1
    • once I ran into her1
  2. at a previous time1
    • she was a dancer once1
  3. as soon as1
    • once we are home, we can rest1

Wiktionary Translations for once:

  1. as soon as
  1. formerly
  2. one and only one time

Cross Translation:
once en gång; en gång i tiden dereinstveraltet: früher einmal, einst
once en gång einmal — irgendwann in der Vergangenheit
once en gång einmal — nicht wiederholt
once en gång; en dag einst — später, in (ferner) Zukunft
once fordom; en gång i tiden; en gång; förr; en dag einstfrüher, ehemals

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