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Detailed Translations for at least from English to Swedish

at least:

at least adv

  1. at least
  2. at least
  3. at least (anyway; at any rate; anyhow)

Translation Matrix for at least:

AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- at any rate; at the least; leastways; leastwise
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
i alla fall anyhow; anyway; at any rate; at least anyway
på minst at least
åtminstone at least

Synonyms for "at least":

Antonyms for "at least":

Related Definitions for "at least":

  1. not less than1
    • at least two hours studying the manual1
    • a tumor at least as big as an orange1
  2. if nothing else (`leastwise' is informal and `leastways' is colloquial)1
    • at least he survived1

Wiktionary Translations for at least:

at least
  1. anyway
  2. at a lower limit

Cross Translation:
at least i alla fall immerhinkonzessiv, weist auf Tatsachen hin, die trotz der Verhältnisse bemerkenswert sind: zumindest, jedenfalls
at least minst; åtminstone mindestens — genau so viel (wie angegeben), oder mehr (von Elementen des selben Typs)
at least åtminstone zumindestensumgangssprachlich: wenigstens, mindestens
at least åtminstone au moins — Au minimum.

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