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Detailed Translations for deteriorate from English to Swedish


to deteriorate verb (deteriorates, deteriorated, deteriorating)

  1. to deteriorate (worsen; get worse)
    försämras; bli sämre; bli värre
    • försämras verb (försämras, försämrades, försämrats)
    • bli sämre verb (blir sämre, blev sämre, blivit sämre)
    • bli värre verb (blir värre, blev värre, blivit värre)
  2. to deteriorate (decay)
    • förfalla verb (förfaller, förföll, förfallit)
  3. to deteriorate (rot; perish; degenerate; )
    • ruttna verb (ruttnar, ruttnade, ruttnat)
  4. to deteriorate (rot; decay)
    förfalla; ruttna; försämras
    • förfalla verb (förfaller, förföll, förfallit)
    • ruttna verb (ruttnar, ruttnade, ruttnat)
    • försämras verb (försämras, försämrades, försämrats)

Conjugations for deteriorate:

  1. deteriorate
  2. deteriorate
  3. deteriorates
  4. deteriorate
  5. deteriorate
  6. deteriorate
simple past
  1. deteriorated
  2. deteriorated
  3. deteriorated
  4. deteriorated
  5. deteriorated
  6. deteriorated
present perfect
  1. have deteriorated
  2. have deteriorated
  3. has deteriorated
  4. have deteriorated
  5. have deteriorated
  6. have deteriorated
past continuous
  1. was deteriorating
  2. were deteriorating
  3. was deteriorating
  4. were deteriorating
  5. were deteriorating
  6. were deteriorating
  1. shall deteriorate
  2. will deteriorate
  3. will deteriorate
  4. shall deteriorate
  5. will deteriorate
  6. will deteriorate
continuous present
  1. am deteriorating
  2. are deteriorating
  3. is deteriorating
  4. are deteriorating
  5. are deteriorating
  6. are deteriorating
  1. be deteriorated
  2. be deteriorated
  3. be deteriorated
  4. be deteriorated
  5. be deteriorated
  6. be deteriorated
  1. deteriorate!
  2. let's deteriorate!
  3. deteriorated
  4. deteriorating
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for deteriorate:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bli sämre deteriorate; get worse; worsen
bli värre deteriorate; get worse; worsen
förfalla decay; deteriorate; rot be shortcoming; crumble; decay; decline; decrease; disintegrate; dwindle; expire; fall apart; fall into decay; fall to bits; fall to pieces; go bad; go thieving; go to ruin; moulder; remove; rot; shrink; spoil; take away; wain
försämras decay; deteriorate; get worse; rot; worsen dwindle
ruttna be lost; be wrecked; crash; decay; degenerate; deteriorate; fall into decline; meet an accident; perish; rot be in a state of decomposition; decay; go bad; rot; spoil
- degenerate; devolve; drop
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ruttna corrupt; degenerate; depraved; perverted; putrefied; rotten

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Antonyms for "deteriorate":

  • recuperate

Related Definitions for "deteriorate":

  1. grow worse1
    • Her condition deteriorated1
  2. become worse or disintegrate1
    • His mind deteriorated1

Wiktionary Translations for deteriorate:

  1. grow worse
  2. make worse

Cross Translation:
deteriorate fördärva abîmer — Endommager