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Detailed Translations for digging from English to Swedish


digging [the ~] noun

  1. the digging (excavations; groundwork; earthwork)

Translation Matrix for digging:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
uppgrävningar digging; earthwork; excavations; groundwork
- dig; excavation

Related Words for "digging":

  • diggings

Synonyms for "digging":

Related Definitions for "digging":

  1. the act of digging1


to dig verb (digs, dug, digging)

  1. to dig
    • gräva verb (gräver, grävde, grävt)
  2. to dig (plough; plough up; convert; reform; break up)
    plöja; ploga
    • plöja verb (plöjer, plöjde, plöjt)
    • ploga verb (plogar, plogade, plogat)
  3. to dig (jab; poke; prod)
    jabba; sticka; stöta; smocka till
    • jabba verb (jabbar, jabbade, jabbat)
    • sticka verb (sticker, stack, stuckit)
    • stöta verb (stöter, stötte, stött)
    • smocka till verb (smockar till, smockade till, smockat till)

Conjugations for dig:

  1. dig
  2. dig
  3. digs
  4. dig
  5. dig
  6. dig
simple past
  1. dug
  2. dug
  3. dug
  4. dug
  5. dug
  6. dug
present perfect
  1. have dug
  2. have dug
  3. has dug
  4. have dug
  5. have dug
  6. have dug
past continuous
  1. was digging
  2. were digging
  3. was digging
  4. were digging
  5. were digging
  6. were digging
  1. shall dig
  2. will dig
  3. will dig
  4. shall dig
  5. will dig
  6. will dig
continuous present
  1. am digging
  2. are digging
  3. is digging
  4. are digging
  5. are digging
  6. are digging
  1. be dug
  2. be dug
  3. be dug
  4. be dug
  5. be dug
  6. be dug
  1. dig!
  2. let's dig!
  3. dug
  4. digging
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. dig
  2. dig (get)

Translation Matrix for dig:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- archeological site; barb; digging; excavation; gibe; jab; jibe; shaft; shot; slam
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gräva dig burrow; churn; drudge; grabble; root; rout; turn about
jabba dig; jab; poke; prod
ploga break up; convert; dig; plough; plough up; reform plough; plough up; spud out weeds; spud up weeds; weed
plöja break up; convert; dig; plough; plough up; reform plough; plough up; spud out weeds; spud up weeds; weed
smocka till dig; jab; poke; prod
sticka dig; jab; poke; prod beat it; carve; cut; knit; outdo; pierce; prick; score off; skedaddle; split; stick; stick together; sting; trump
stöta dig; jab; poke; prod bruise; push; strike
- apprehend; compass; comprehend; cut into; delve; dig out; dig up; drudge; excavate; fag; get the picture; grasp; grind; grok; hollow; jab; labor; labour; moil; poke; prod; savvy; stab; toil; travail; turn over
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
digga dig
haja dig; get

Synonyms for "dig":

Related Definitions for "dig":

  1. the act of touching someone suddenly with your finger or elbow1
    • she gave me a sharp dig in the ribs1
  2. the act of digging1
  3. a small gouge (as in the cover of a book)1
    • the book was in good condition except for a dig in the back cover1
  4. an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect1
    • she takes a dig at me every chance she gets1
  5. the site of an archeological exploration1
    • they set up camp next to the dig1
  6. get the meaning of something1
  7. poke or thrust abruptly1
  8. turn up, loosen, or remove earth1
  9. remove the inner part or the core of1
  10. create by digging1
    • dig a hole1
  11. thrust down or into1
    • dig the oars into the water1
    • dig your foot into the floor1
  12. remove, harvest, or recover by digging1
    • dig salt1
    • dig coal1
  13. work hard1
    • She was digging away at her math homework1

Wiktionary Translations for dig:

  1. archeological investigation
  1. slang: to appreciate, or like
  2. slang: to understand or show interest in
  3. to move hard-packed earth out of the way

Cross Translation:
dig gräva graven — een gat in de grond maken met de handen of met een graafwerktuig
dig schakta auskoffern — (transitiv) insbesondere im Straßenbau: einen vertieften Raum durch Aushebung von Erdreich herstellen, der die tragende Packlage oder Steinschüttung [oder etwas Ähnliches] aufnimmt
dig muddra baggern — etwas mit Hilfe eines Baggers herstellen
dig gräva graben — eine Vertiefung in der Erde ausheben
dig gräva creuser — Faire un trou, un orifice.

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