Detailed Translations for drive from English to Swedish


to drive verb (drives, drove, driving)

  1. to drive (ride; operate)
    köra; driva
    • köra verb (kör, körde, kört)
    • driva verb (driver, drev, drivit)
  2. to drive (urge; prompt)
    driva på
    • driva på verb (driver på, drev på, drivit på)
  3. to drive (be at the wheel; steer)
    köra; styra; sitta vid ratten
    • köra verb (kör, körde, kört)
    • styra verb (styr, styrde, styrt)
    • sitta vid ratten verb (sitter vid ratten, satt vid ratten, suttit vid ratten)
  4. to drive (drive piles; ram)
    • påla verb (pålar, pålade, pålat)
  5. to drive (drive horses)
    köra hästar
    • köra hästar verb (kör hästar, körde hästar, kört hästar)
  6. to drive (whip up; goad; stimulate; nettle; irritate)
    driva på; hetsa; skynda på; jaga på; piska på
    • driva på verb (driver på, drev på, drivit på)
    • hetsa verb (hetsar, hetsade, hetsat)
    • skynda på verb (skyndar på, skyndade på, skyndat på)
    • jaga på verb (jagar på, jagade på, jagat på)
    • piska på verb (piskar på, piskade på, piskat på)
  7. to drive (incite; stimulate; excite)
    driva; sporra; egga upp
    • driva verb (driver, drev, drivit)
    • sporra verb (sporrar, sporrade, sporrat)
    • egga upp verb (eggar upp, eggade upp, eggat upp)
  8. to drive (ride)
    • köra verb (kör, körde, kört)

Conjugations for drive:

  1. drive
  2. drive
  3. drives
  4. drive
  5. drive
  6. drive
simple past
  1. drove
  2. drove
  3. drove
  4. drove
  5. drove
  6. drove
present perfect
  1. have driven
  2. have driven
  3. has driven
  4. have driven
  5. have driven
  6. have driven
past continuous
  1. was driving
  2. were driving
  3. was driving
  4. were driving
  5. were driving
  6. were driving
  1. shall drive
  2. will drive
  3. will drive
  4. shall drive
  5. will drive
  6. will drive
continuous present
  1. am driving
  2. are driving
  3. is driving
  4. are driving
  5. are driving
  6. are driving
  1. be driven
  2. be driven
  3. be driven
  4. be driven
  5. be driven
  6. be driven
  1. drive!
  2. let's drive!
  3. driven
  4. driving
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

drive [the ~] noun

  1. the drive (motor; propulsion; propelling-force; force)
  2. the drive (trip; journey; excursion; )
    resa; utflykt; tur; tripp; exkursion
  3. the drive (entranceway; access route)
  4. the drive (thoroughness; energy; momentum; )
    energi; fart; drivkraft
  5. the drive (excursion; trip; journey; )
  6. the drive (impetus; momentum)
    fart; kraft; energi; initiativ; kläm
  7. the drive (urge; instinct; impulse)
    drift; begär; starkt behov
  8. the drive (boost; stimulus; incentive; )
    uppsving; puff uppåt; lyft
  9. the drive (man-hunt; battue)
  10. the drive (ride)
    tur; åktur; ridtur
  11. the drive
    kampanj; bilresa
  12. the drive
    – An area of storage that is formatted with a file system and has a drive letter. The storage can be a floppy disk, a CD or DVD, a hard disk, or another type of disk. 1
  13. the drive (disk drive; floppy disk drive)
    – A hardware device that reads data from and writes data to floppy disks. 1

Translation Matrix for drive:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
begär drive; impulse; instinct; urge ardor; ardour; craving; craze; desire; frenzy; longing; lust; passion; rankness; sigh; urge; wish; yearning
bilresa drive
drift drive; impulse; instinct; urge drift; management; policy; politics; strategy; tactic; tendency
drivkraft drive; energy; gin; impetus; jenever; momentum; soul; spirit; spunk; strength; thoroughness driving force; force; motive power; propelling-force; propulsion; propulsive force
energi drive; energy; gin; impetus; jenever; momentum; soul; spirit; spunk; strength; thoroughness current; electric current; power
exkursion drive; excursion; journey; outing; tour; trip; voyage
fart drive; energy; gin; impetus; jenever; momentum; soul; spirit; spunk; strength; thoroughness ardor; ardour; assiduity; diligence; driving speed; fervor; fervour; rapidity; speed; velocity; zeal; zest; élan
ingång access route; drive; entranceway access; admission; admittance; entrance; entrance gate; entry; gateway; hall; portal
initiativ drive; impetus; momentum initiative; start
kampanj drive campaign; marketing campaign
kläm drive; impetus; momentum
kraft drive; impetus; momentum ability; capacity; courage; fiber; fibre; forcefulness; fortitude; grandeur; grandiosity; haughtiness; impressiveness; intensity; majesty; muscularity; power; pride; strength; vigor; vigour
köra drive; ride
lyft boost; drive; impetus; impulse; incentive; momentum; spur; stimulus
motor drive; force; motor; propelling-force; propulsion engine; locomotive; motor
människojakt battue; drive; man-hunt man-hunt
puff uppåt boost; drive; impetus; impulse; incentive; momentum; spur; stimulus
resa drive; excursion; journey; outing; tour; trip; voyage expedition; hike; hiking tour; journey; march; tour; travel; voyage
ridtur drive; ride
starkt behov drive; impulse; instinct; urge
tripp drive; excursion; journey; outing; tour; trip; voyage excursion; tour; trip
tur drive; excursion; journey; outing; ride; tour; trip; voyage bit of good luck; bit of luck; chance; chance hit; fluke; fortunate; godsend; good luck; lucky coincidence; piece of good luck; piece of luck; pleasant surprise; stroke of luck; stroke of unexpected luck; tour
uppsving boost; drive; impetus; impulse; incentive; momentum; spur; stimulus advance; boom; rising
utflykt drive; excursion; feat; journey; outing; passage; tour; trick; trip; voyage day out; excursion; excursions; jaunt; journey; tour; trip; trips
åktur drive; ride
- campaign; cause; crusade; driveway; driving; driving force; effort; movement; parkway; private road; ride; thrust
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
driva drive; excite; incite; operate; ride; stimulate caulk; compel; force; make a fool of; oblige; oblige to; ridicule; scoff at; sneer; stress; taunt; urge on
driva på drive; goad; irritate; nettle; prompt; stimulate; urge; whip up arouse; provoke; put someone on to something; stimulate; urge
egga upp drive; excite; incite; stimulate fan; foment; incite; stir up
hetsa drive; goad; irritate; nettle; stimulate; whip up badger; bait; give rise to; needle; provoke
jaga på drive; goad; irritate; nettle; stimulate; whip up
köra be at the wheel; drive; operate; ride; steer carry; execute; transport
köra hästar drive; drive horses
piska på drive; goad; irritate; nettle; stimulate; whip up
påla drive; drive piles; ram supply with poles
resa elevate; erect; heighten; put upright; raise
sitta vid ratten be at the wheel; drive; steer
skynda på drive; goad; irritate; nettle; stimulate; whip up hasten; hurry; hurry up; rush
sporra drive; excite; incite; stimulate stress; urge on
styra be at the wheel; drive; steer regulate
- aim; beat back; force; force back; get; labor; labour; motor; push; push back; ram; repel; repulse; ride; take; tug
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
diskenhet disk drive; drive; floppy disk drive
enhet drive device; entity; external content type; unit
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
drive drive
enhet unity
framstöt attack; drive
hetsa egg; rush; stimulate
ratta drive
tränga be tight; drive; feel tight

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Related Definitions for "drive":

  1. the act of applying force to propel something2
    • after reaching the desired velocity the drive is cut off2
  2. a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile)2
    • he took the family for a drive in his new car2
  3. the act of driving a herd of animals overland2
  4. (sports) a hard straight return (as in tennis or squash)2
  5. hitting a golf ball off of a tee with a driver2
    • he sliced his drive out of bounds2
  6. a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end2
    • the team was ready for a drive toward the pennant2
  7. a wide scenic road planted with trees2
    • the riverside drive offers many exciting scenic views2
  8. a mechanism by which force or power is transmitted in a machine2
    • a variable speed drive permitted operation through a range of speeds2
  9. (computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium2
  10. a road leading up to a private house2
  11. the trait of being highly motivated2
    • his drive and energy exhausted his co-workers2
  12. a physiological state corresponding to a strong need or desire2
  13. move into a desired direction of discourse2
    • What are you driving at?2
  14. hunting: chase from cover into more open ground2
    • drive the game2
  15. hunting: search for game2
    • drive the forest2
  16. cause to function by supplying the force or power for or by controlling2
    • The amplifier drives the tube2
    • steam drives the engines2
    • this device drives the disks for the computer2
  17. excavate horizontally2
    • drive a tunnel2
  18. hit very hard, as by swinging a bat horizontally2
    • drive a ball2
  19. strike with a driver, as in teeing off2
    • drive a golf ball2
  20. cause to move back by force or influence2
  21. cause to move rapidly by striking or throwing with force2
    • drive the ball far out into the field2
  22. push, propel, or press with force2
  23. force into or from an action or state, either physically or metaphorically2
    • He drives me mad2
  24. compel somebody to do something, often against his own will or judgment2
    • She finally drove him to change jobs2
  25. travel or be transported in a vehicle2
    • We drove to the university every morning2
  26. proceed along in a vehicle2
    • We drive the turnpike to work2
  27. operate or control a vehicle2
    • drive a car or bus2
    • Can you drive this four-wheel truck?2
  28. urge forward2
    • drive the cows into the barn2
  29. cause someone or something to move by driving2
    • She drove me to school every day2
    • We drove the car to the garage2
  30. move by being propelled by a force2
    • The car drove around the corner2
  31. strive and make an effort to reach a goal2
    • She is driving away at her doctoral thesis2
  32. work as a driver2
    • He drives a bread truck2
    • She drives for the taxi company in Newark2
  33. to compel or force or urge relentlessly or exert coercive pressure on, or motivate strongly2
    • She is driven by her passion2
  34. have certain properties when driven2
    • My new truck drives well2
  35. An area of storage that is formatted with a file system and has a drive letter. The storage can be a floppy disk, a CD or DVD, a hard disk, or another type of disk.1
  36. A hardware device that reads data from and writes data to floppy disks.1

Wiktionary Translations for drive:

  1. psychology: desire or interest
  2. computing: mass-storage device
  3. type of public roadway
  4. a trip made in a motor vehicle
  5. driveway
  6. motor that does not take fuel
  7. military: sustained advance
  8. self-motivation
  1. convey (a person, etc) in a wheeled motorized vehicle
  2. to travel by operating a motorized vehicle
  3. cause to become
  4. to motivate
  5. compel (to do something)
  6. operate (a wheeled motorized vehicle)
  7. cause a mechanism to operate
  8. move something by hitting it with great force
  9. cause animals to flee out of
  10. herd (animals) in a particular direction

Cross Translation:
drive köra rijden — zich verplaatsen met behulp van een voertuig
drive varvtal; rotationstal Drehzahl — Anzahl der Umdrehungen, die ein um eine Achse rotierender Körper in einer bestimmten Zeit zurücklegt
drive drive DriveGolf: der erste Schlag auf einer Spielbahn, der vom Tee geschlagen wird, oft mit dem Holz 1, das auch Driver genannt wird
drive hårddisk LaufwerkInformatik: Speichergerät eines Computers mit Lese-/Schreibzugriff
drive driva på antreiben — jemanden dazu motivieren, etwas zu tun
drive köra; styra chauffieren — ein Auto fahren, lenken, steuern, führen (meist, um jemanden zu transportieren)
drive drivning; drivkraft; drift Antrieb — technische Vorrichtung, die etwas treiben, die etwas in Bewegung versetzt
drive utmynna; sluta; föra; leda; öppna sig; suppurera aboutirtoucher par un bout.
drive sätta i gång; driva actionnermettre en mouvement une machine, un appareil, etc.
drive ; fara; åka allerse déplacer jusqu'à un endroit.
drive föra conduiremener, guider, diriger vers un lieu déterminé.
drive spelare lecteur — Appareil ou logiciel de lecture (1)
drive driva; fösa pourchasserpoursuivre ou rechercher avec obstination, avec ardeur.
drive puffa; stöta; driva; fösa pousser — Faire pression contre quelqu’un ou contre quelque chose, pour le déplacer ou l’ôter de sa place.
drive inreda réglertirer avec la règle des lignes droites sur du papier, du parchemin, du carton, etc. cf|papier réglé.

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