Detailed Translations for enclose from English to Swedish


to enclose verb (encloses, enclosed, enclosing)

  1. to enclose (include; comprise; encapsulate)
    • omfatta verb (omfattar, omfattade, omfattat)
  2. to enclose (evnvelope; encapsulate; besieged; )
    innesluta; besegla; inkapsla
    • innesluta verb (inneslutar, inneslutade, inneslutat)
    • besegla verb (beseglar, beseglade, beseglat)
    • inkapsla verb (inkapslar, inkapslade, inkapslat)
  3. to enclose (limit; restrict; encapsulate; )
    begränsa; inskränka
    • begränsa verb (begränsar, begränsade, begränsat)
    • inskränka verb (inskränker, inskränkte, inskränkt)
  4. to enclose (bound; limit; surround; end)
    • begränsa verb (begränsar, begränsade, begränsat)
  5. to enclose (seal up; comprise; surround; )
    • försegla verb (förseglar, förseglade, förseglat)

Conjugations for enclose:

  1. enclose
  2. enclose
  3. encloses
  4. enclose
  5. enclose
  6. enclose
simple past
  1. enclosed
  2. enclosed
  3. enclosed
  4. enclosed
  5. enclosed
  6. enclosed
present perfect
  1. have enclosed
  2. have enclosed
  3. has enclosed
  4. have enclosed
  5. have enclosed
  6. have enclosed
past continuous
  1. was enclosing
  2. were enclosing
  3. was enclosing
  4. were enclosing
  5. were enclosing
  6. were enclosing
  1. shall enclose
  2. will enclose
  3. will enclose
  4. shall enclose
  5. will enclose
  6. will enclose
continuous present
  1. am enclosing
  2. are enclosing
  3. is enclosing
  4. are enclosing
  5. are enclosing
  6. are enclosing
  1. be enclosed
  2. be enclosed
  3. be enclosed
  4. be enclosed
  5. be enclosed
  6. be enclosed
  1. enclose!
  2. let's enclose!
  3. enclosed
  4. enclosing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. enclose (fence)
  2. enclose (encase)
  3. enclose (attach)
  4. enclose (fence in)

Translation Matrix for enclose:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
begränsa bound; confine; dam; embank; encapsulate; enclose; end; envelope; limit; restrict; surround clearly define; confine; curtail; cut back; define; demarcate; fence; fence in; fence off; limit; map out; mark out; moderate; outline; reduce; restrain; restrict; trace out
besegla besiege; besieged; besieges; cover; encapsulate; enclose; evnvelope; surround; wrap up bear out; confirm; ratify; sail; seal; support; uphold; validate
försegla close in; comprise; contain; enclose; include; lock in; pen in; seal up; surround put under seal; seal; stamp
inkapsla besiege; besieged; besieges; cover; encapsulate; enclose; evnvelope; surround; wrap up outflank; round; turn
innesluta besiege; besieged; besieges; cover; encapsulate; enclose; evnvelope; surround; wrap up
inskränka confine; dam; embank; encapsulate; enclose; envelope; limit; restrict confine; curtail; cut back; limit; moderate; reduce; restrain; restrict
omfatta comprise; encapsulate; enclose; include
- close in; confine; enfold; envelop; enwrap; hold in; inclose; insert; introduce; put in; shut in; stick in; wrap
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inhängna enclose; fence
kapsla encase; enclose
närsluta attach; enclose
omhägna enclose; fence in

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Synonyms for "enclose":

Related Definitions for "enclose":

  1. introduce1
  2. enclose or enfold completely with or as if with a covering1
  3. surround completely1
    • Darkness enclosed him1
  4. close in; darkness enclosed him1

Wiktionary Translations for enclose:

  1. surround, fence in
  2. insert into a container
  3. hold, contain

Cross Translation:
enclose omsluta umschließen — umfassend einsperren
enclose anmäla; annonsera; bebåda; introducera; meddela introduire — Faire entrer une chose dans une autre.
enclose lägga; ställa; sätta mettreplacer une personne, ou un animal, ou une chose dans un lieu déterminé.
enclose trycka serrer — Renfermer, ranger, mettre en lieu sûr, à l’abri. (Sens général).

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