Detailed Translations for fell from English to Swedish


to fell verb (fells, felled, felling)

  1. to fell (chop down; cut down)
    fälla träd; hacka ned
    • fälla träd verb (fäller träd, fällde träd, fällt träd)
    • hacka ned verb (hackrar ned, hackrade ned, hackat ned)

Conjugations for fell:

  1. fell
  2. fell
  3. fells
  4. fell
  5. fell
  6. fell
simple past
  1. felled
  2. felled
  3. felled
  4. felled
  5. felled
  6. felled
present perfect
  1. have felled
  2. have felled
  3. has felled
  4. have felled
  5. have felled
  6. have felled
past continuous
  1. was felling
  2. were felling
  3. was felling
  4. were felling
  5. were felling
  6. were felling
  1. shall fell
  2. will fell
  3. will fell
  4. shall fell
  5. will fell
  6. will fell
continuous present
  1. am felling
  2. are felling
  3. is felling
  4. are felling
  5. are felling
  6. are felling
  1. be felled
  2. be felled
  3. be felled
  4. be felled
  5. be felled
  6. be felled
  1. fell!
  2. let's fell!
  3. felled
  4. felling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. fell
  2. fell

Translation Matrix for fell:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
hacka ned chop down
- felled seam; hide
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
fälla träd chop down; cut down; fell
hacka ned chop down; cut down; fell
- cut down; drop; fly; strike down; vanish
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- barbarous; brutal; cruel; roughshod; savage; vicious
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avverka fell
fäll fell

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Related Definitions for "fell":

  1. (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering1
  2. the act of felling something (as a tree)1
  3. seam made by turning under or folding together and stitching the seamed materials to avoid rough edges1
  4. the dressed skin of an animal (especially a large animal)1
  5. cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow1
  6. sew a seam by folding the edges1
  7. pass away rapidly1

Wiktionary Translations for fell:

  1. animal hide
  2. rocky ridge
  3. wild field or upland moor
  1. to make something fall

Cross Translation:
fell fälla fällenvon Bäumen: mit Axt, Säge oder anderem Hilfmittel roden
fell slå ned abattre — Mettre à bas, jeter à terre, faire tomber.

fell form of fall:

to fall verb (falls, fell, falling)

  1. to fall (die; pass away; perish; )
    ; avlida; gå bort; bli dödad
    • verb (dör, dog, dött)
    • avlida verb (avlider, avled, avlidit)
    • gå bort verb (går bort, gick bort, gått bort)
    • bli dödad verb (blir dödad, blev dödad, blivit dödad)
  2. to fall (take a nosedive; be overthrown; be a failure)
    falla; ta en störtflygning; stupa
    • falla verb (faller, föll, fallit)
    • ta en störtflygning verb (tar en störtflygning, tog en störtflygning, tagit en störtflygning)
    • stupa verb (stupar, stupade, stupat)
  3. to fall (tumble; drop; trip up)
    • tumla verb (tumlar, tumlade, tumlat)
  4. to fall (drop; sink; tumble)
    slänga; kasta
    • slänga verb (slänger, slängde, slängt)
    • kasta verb (kastar, kastade, kastat)
  5. to fall (end up at; land)
    avsluta; sluta vid
    • avsluta verb (avslutar, avslutade, avslutat)
    • sluta vid verb (slutar vid, slutade vid, slutat vid)
  6. to fall (go to the dogs; perish; go to wrack and ruin; go to pieces; be killed)
    gå totalt utför; bli ruinerad; komma på förfall; komma under isen
    • gå totalt utför verb (går totalt utför, gick totalt utför, gått totalt utför)
    • bli ruinerad verb (blir ruinerad, blev ruinerad, blivit ruinerad)
    • komma på förfall verb (kommer på förfall, komm på förfall, kommit på förfall)
    • komma under isen verb (kommer under isen, komm under isen, kommit under isen)
  7. to fall (chuck; tumble)
    kasta; slänga; kassera; hiva
    • kasta verb (kastar, kastade, kastat)
    • slänga verb (slänger, slängde, slängt)
    • kassera verb (kasserar, kasserade, kasserat)
    • hiva verb (hivar, hivade, hivat)
  8. to fall (fall into; fall in; tumble down; tumble into)
    falla in på; ramla in
    • falla in på verb (faller in på, föll in på, fallit in på)
    • ramla in verb (ramlar in, ramlade in, ramlat in)

Conjugations for fall:

  1. fall
  2. fall
  3. falls
  4. fall
  5. fall
  6. fall
simple past
  1. fell
  2. fell
  3. fell
  4. fell
  5. fell
  6. fell
present perfect
  1. have fallen
  2. have fallen
  3. has fallen
  4. have fallen
  5. have fallen
  6. have fallen
past continuous
  1. was falling
  2. were falling
  3. was falling
  4. were falling
  5. were falling
  6. were falling
  1. shall fall
  2. will fall
  3. will fall
  4. shall fall
  5. will fall
  6. will fall
continuous present
  1. am falling
  2. are falling
  3. is falling
  4. are falling
  5. are falling
  6. are falling
  1. be fallen
  2. be fallen
  3. be fallen
  4. be fallen
  5. be fallen
  6. be fallen
  1. fall!
  2. let's fall!
  3. fallen
  4. falling
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

fall [the ~] noun

  1. the fall (autumn)
  2. the fall (decline; decrease; downfall; crash)
    nedgång; förfall; avtagande
  3. the fall (landing)
    falla; landa; störta
  4. the fall (relapse; decline; caving in; )
  5. the fall (decrease; deduct)
    avtagning; minskning
  6. the fall (drop in prices; reduction; rebate; )
  7. the fall (collapse; falling down)

Translation Matrix for fall:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avsluta finish; get done
avtagande crash; decline; decrease; downfall; fall abatement; decrease; deprivation; fading; shrinking; shrinking back; toning down; weakening
avtagning decrease; deduct; fall
fall caving in; collapse; collapsing; decline; fall; falling down; relapse; sagging bust-up; case; collapse; crash; sagging; slump; smash; tumble; tumblings
falla fall; landing
förfall crash; decline; decrease; downfall; fall decadence; decaying; decline; depravation; deterioration; rotting
hopfallande caving in; collapse; collapsing; decline; fall; falling down; relapse; sagging
höst autumn; fall
instörtning caving in; collapse; collapsing; decline; fall; falling down; relapse; sagging
kasta cast; casting; fling; throw; throwing; toss
kollapsa collapse; fall; falling down
landa fall; landing
minskning decrease; deduct; fall abatement; decrease; diminishing; diminution; inventory decrease; reduction
nedgång crash; decline; decrease; downfall; fall decadence; decaying; decline; decrease; depravation; deterioration; falling off; reductions; rotting; toning down; weakening
prissänkning discount; drop in prices; fall; price-cut; rebate; recession; reduction; sell short; softness; weakness cut; deflation; drop in price; fall in price; price cut; price reduction; reduction
sammanbrott caving in; collapse; collapsing; decline; fall; falling down; relapse; sagging breaking down; catastrophes; caving in; collapse; collapsing; coming to a standstill; crashes; disasters; downfall; failing; reaching a deadlock
störta fall; landing tumble
återfall caving in; collapse; collapsing; decline; fall; falling down; relapse; sagging
- autumn; capitulation; crepuscle; crepuscule; declension; declination; decline; declivity; descent; dip; downfall; downslope; drop; dusk; evenfall; free fall; gloam; gloaming; nightfall; pin; spill; surrender; tumble; twilight
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avlida be killed; be killed in action; depart this earth; depart this life; die; fall; pass away; perish; succumb die; expire; pass away; wilt; wither
avsluta end up at; fall; land accomplish; bring to an end; complete; conclude; eat; eat up; end; ended; exit; finish; finish with; finished; finnish; fix; fix it up; get done; get ready; get to the end of; have ended; have finished; manage; pull it off; pull the trick; read to the end; reel; reel in; round off; shut down; terminate; wind; wind up
bli dödad be killed; be killed in action; depart this earth; depart this life; die; fall; pass away; perish; succumb
bli ruinerad be killed; fall; go to pieces; go to the dogs; go to wrack and ruin; perish
be killed; be killed in action; depart this earth; depart this life; die; fall; pass away; perish; succumb be on one's deathbed; become extinct; decease; die; die of fear; die out; expire; extinguish; pass away; peg out; pinch out; snuff; wilt; wither
falla be a failure; be overthrown; fall; take a nosedive fall over; somersault; tumble
falla in på fall; fall in; fall into; tumble down; tumble into
gå bort be killed; be killed in action; depart this earth; depart this life; die; fall; pass away; perish; succumb break up; depart; die; expire; go; go away; leave; pass away
gå totalt utför be killed; fall; go to pieces; go to the dogs; go to wrack and ruin; perish
hiva chuck; fall; tumble cast; fling; heave; hurl; throw
kassera chuck; fall; tumble discard; scrap
kasta chuck; drop; fall; sink; tumble cast; discard; dispose; drop; fling; heave; hurl; pitch; throw; throw off
kollapsa break up; buckle; cave in; collapse; crash; crash down; crumble; crumble down; disintegrate; drop; fall apart; fall to bits; fall to pieces; give way; prolapse; relapse; sag; sink; slump; subside; topple down
komma på förfall be killed; fall; go to pieces; go to the dogs; go to wrack and ruin; perish
komma under isen be killed; fall; go to pieces; go to the dogs; go to wrack and ruin; perish
landa come down; end up somewhere; land; land at airport; touch down
ramla in fall; fall in; fall into; tumble down; tumble into
sluta vid end up at; fall; land end up
slänga chuck; drop; fall; sink; tumble cast; discard; dispose; fling; get rid of; heave; hurl; pitch; pull; throw; tug
stupa be a failure; be overthrown; fall; take a nosedive somersault; tumble
störta crash down; fall away; fall down; knock down; plummet; plunge; pour in; rush; slump; storm; strike down; take a plunge
ta en störtflygning be a failure; be overthrown; fall; take a nosedive
tumla drop; fall; trip up; tumble flounder
- accrue; come; come down; decrease; descend; devolve; diminish; fall down; flow; go down; hang; lessen; light; pass; precipitate; return; settle; shine; strike
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avsluta complete; conclude; finalise; finalize; finish
baisse bear market; decline; fall; fall in prices; slump
dimpa fall; tumble
infalla fall
kullkörning fall; tumble
mynna debouch; discharge; discharge its waters; fall
vurpa fall
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avtagande abating; declining; decreasing; diminishing; fading; inclining; lessening; reducing; subsiding; waning; weakening

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Related Definitions for "fall":

  1. the act of surrendering (usually under agreed conditions)1
  2. a sudden drop from an upright position1
  3. a lapse into sin; a loss of innocence or of chastity1
    • a fall from virtue1
  4. a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity1
  5. a free and rapid descent by the force of gravity1
  6. a movement downward1
    • the rise and fall of the tides1
  7. a sudden decline in strength or number or importance1
    • the fall of the House of Hapsburg1
  8. when a wrestler's shoulders are forced to the mat1
  9. a downward slope or bend1
  10. the time of day immediately following sunset1
    • they finished before the fall of night1
  11. the season when the leaves fall from the trees1
    • in the fall of 19731
  12. pass suddenly and passively into a state of body or mind1
    • fall into a trap1
    • She fell ill1
    • They fell out of favor1
    • fall asleep1
    • fall prey to an imposter1
    • fall into a strange way of thinking1
    • she fell to pieces after she lost her work1
  13. decrease in size, extent, or range1
    • The cabin pressure fell dramatically1
    • her weight fell to under a hundred pounds1
    • his voice fell to a whisper1
  14. come as if by falling1
    • Night fell1
    • Silence fell1
  15. go as if by falling1
    • Grief fell from our hearts1
  16. occur at a specified time or place1
    • Christmas falls on a Monday this year1
    • The accent falls on the first syllable1
  17. begin vigorously1
    • The prisoners fell to work right away1
  18. be born, used chiefly of lambs1
    • The lambs fell in the afternoon1
  19. come out; issue1
    • silly phrases fell from her mouth1
  20. be cast down1
    • his eyes fell1
  21. assume a disappointed or sad expression1
    • Her face fell when she heard that she would be laid off1
    • his crest fell1
  22. fall or flow in a certain way1
  23. move downward and lower, but not necessarily all the way1
    • The barometer is falling1
    • The curtain fell on the diva1
    • Her hand went up and then fell again1
  24. descend in free fall under the influence of gravity1
    • The branch fell from the tree1
    • The unfortunate hiker fell into a crevasse1
  25. drop oneself to a lower or less erect position1
    • She fell back in her chair1
    • He fell to his knees1
  26. lose an upright position suddenly1
    • The vase fell over and the water spilled onto the table1
    • Her hair fell across her forehead1
  27. slope downward1
    • The hills around here fall towards the ocean1
  28. move in a specified direction1
    • The line of men fall forward1
  29. be inherited by1
    • The estate fell to my sister1
  30. fall to somebody by assignment or lot1
    • The task fell to me1
    • It fell to me to notify the parents of the victims1
  31. come into the possession of1
  32. be captured1
    • The cities fell to the enemy1
  33. to be given by assignment or distribution1
    • The most difficult task fell on the youngest member of the team1
    • The onus fell on us1
    • The pressure to succeed fell on the youngest student1
  34. to be given by right or inheritance1
    • The estate fell to the oldest daughter1
  35. lose office or power1
    • The government fell overnight1
    • The Qing Dynasty fell with Sun Yat-sen1
  36. suffer defeat, failure, or ruin1
    • We must stand or fall1
    • fall by the wayside1
  37. yield to temptation or sin1
    • Adam and Eve fell1
  38. lose one's chastity1
    • a fallen woman1
  39. touch or seem as if touching visually or audibly1
    • Light fell on her face1
  40. die, as in battle or in a hunt1
    • Many soldiers fell at Verdun1
    • Several deer have fallen to the same gun1
    • The shooting victim fell dead1
  41. be due1
    • payments fall on the 1st of the month1
  42. come under, be classified or included1
    • fall into a category1
  43. fall from clouds1
    • rain, snow and sleet were falling1

Wiktionary Translations for fall:

  1. act of moving in gas or vacuum under the effect of gravity from a point to a lower point
  2. loss of greatness or status
  1. become or change into
  2. be allotted to
  3. be brought to earth or be overthrown
  4. prostrate oneself
  5. come down or descend
  6. move to a lower position under the effect of gravity

Cross Translation:
fall höst herfst — seizoen
fall fall Fall — die Art und Weise des Herabhängens von Stoffen o. Ä.
fall fall FallPhysik: eine schnelle Abwärtsbewegung
fall tillbakagång; nergång Niedergangohne Plural: der Prozess des Zugrundegehens, des Zusammenbrechens
fall mojna abflauenMeteorologie: nach und nach schwächer werdender Wind; der Wind lässt allmählich nach
fall störta (ned) abstürzen — herunterfallen von Personen und Gegenstand
fall tappa; falla ur handen entfallen — aus der Hand fallen
fall sjunka fallen — auf einen niedrigeren Wert sinken
fall falla; ramla fallenunkontrolliert von oben nach unten bewegen (durch die Gravitation)
fall falla falleneinnehmen werden
fall stupa fallensterben durch Gewalteinwirkung im Krieg
fall gå ned; sjunka nachgeben(intransitiv) Finanzwesen, Wirtschaft: an Wert verlieren
fall ramla; falla; trilla purzeln — mit dem Kopf voraus hinfallen
fall fall Absturzübertragen: unkontrollierte rasche Abwärtsbewegung, wie das Abstürzen in eine Krise
fall störtning; krasch Absturz — das Herabstürzen von Personen oder Gegenstand; ein Unfall
fall ramla stürzen — eine hilflose, ungewollte Bewegung nach unten ausführen
fall förödmjukelse abaissementaction d’abaisser, de s’abaisser, ou résultat de cette action.
fall höst automne — Saison
fall falla choir — région, (vieilli) entraîner vers le bas par son propre poids, selon la loi d’attraction, à la suite d’une rupture d’équilibre. tomber.
fall falla tomber — Être entraîné de haut en bas par son poids