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Detailed Translations for fit in from English to Swedish

fit in:

to fit in verb (fits in, fitted in, fitting in)

  1. to fit in (match; fit)
    passa; passa in; passa ihop med
    • passa verb (passar, passade, passat)
    • passa in verb (passar in, passade in, passat in)
    • passa ihop med verb (passar ihop med, passade ihop med, passat ihop med)
  2. to fit in
    insätta; stoppa in; passa in i; passa i
    • insätta verb (insätt, insättad, insatt)
    • stoppa in verb (stoppar in, stoppade in, stoppat in)
    • passa in i verb (passar in i, passade in i, passat in i)
    • passa i verb (passar i, passade i, passat i)
  3. to fit in (adapt)
    passa in
    • passa in verb (passar in, passade in, passat in)

Conjugations for fit in:

  1. fit in
  2. fit in
  3. fits in
  4. fit in
  5. fit in
  6. fit in
simple past
  1. fitted in
  2. fitted in
  3. fitted in
  4. fitted in
  5. fitted in
  6. fitted in
present perfect
  1. have fitted in
  2. have fitted in
  3. has fitted in
  4. have fitted in
  5. have fitted in
  6. have fitted in
past continuous
  1. was fitting in
  2. were fitting in
  3. was fitting in
  4. were fitting in
  5. were fitting in
  6. were fitting in
  1. shall fit in
  2. will fit in
  3. will fit in
  4. shall fit in
  5. will fit in
  6. will fit in
continuous present
  1. am fitting in
  2. are fitting in
  3. is fitting in
  4. are fitting in
  5. are fitting in
  6. are fitting in
  1. be fitted in
  2. be fitted in
  3. be fitted in
  4. be fitted in
  5. be fitted in
  6. be fitted in
  1. fit in!
  2. let's fit in!
  3. fitted in
  4. fitting in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for fit in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
insätta fit in deposit; make a down payment; pay down; remit
passa fit; fit in; match be all right; be convenient to; be fit; be right; be suitable; become; befit; correspond to; fit; flatter; match; please; suit; suit one's convenience
passa i fit in
passa ihop med fit; fit in; match
passa in adapt; fit; fit in; match feed in; filter in; join the traffic
passa in i fit in
stoppa in fit in cram in; push in; put in; put to bed; stick in; stuff in; tuck in
- accord; agree; concord; consort; harmonise; harmonize

Synonyms for "fit in":

Related Definitions for "fit in":

  1. go together1

Wiktionary Translations for fit in:

Cross Translation:
fit in infatta; infoga einlassen — etwas in eine Konstruktion, Mauer oder Boden einfügen

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