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fit out:

to fit out verb (fits out, fitted out, fitting out)

  1. to fit out (kit out; prepare; rig out)
    utrusta; preparera; utprova
    • utrusta verb (utrustar, utrustade, utrustat)
    • preparera verb (preparerar, preparerade, preparerat)
    • utprova verb (utprovar, utprovade, utprovat)
  2. to fit out (equip)
    • utrusta verb (utrustar, utrustade, utrustat)
  3. to fit out (dress o.s. up; furnish; deck out)
    klä sig fin; klä sig på
    • klä sig fin verb (klär sig fin, klädde sig fin, klätt sig fin)
    • klä sig på verb (klär sig på, klädde sig på, klätt sig på)

Conjugations for fit out:

  1. fit out
  2. fit out
  3. fits out
  4. fit out
  5. fit out
  6. fit out
simple past
  1. fitted out
  2. fitted out
  3. fitted out
  4. fitted out
  5. fitted out
  6. fitted out
present perfect
  1. have fitted out
  2. have fitted out
  3. has fitted out
  4. have fitted out
  5. have fitted out
  6. have fitted out
past continuous
  1. was fitting out
  2. were fitting out
  3. was fitting out
  4. were fitting out
  5. were fitting out
  6. were fitting out
  1. shall fit out
  2. will fit out
  3. will fit out
  4. shall fit out
  5. will fit out
  6. will fit out
continuous present
  1. am fitting out
  2. are fitting out
  3. is fitting out
  4. are fitting out
  5. are fitting out
  6. are fitting out
  1. be fitted out
  2. be fitted out
  3. be fitted out
  4. be fitted out
  5. be fitted out
  6. be fitted out
  1. fit out!
  2. let's fit out!
  3. fitted out
  4. fitting out
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

fit out

  1. fit out
  2. fit out (equip)

Translation Matrix for fit out:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
klä sig fin deck out; dress o.s. up; fit out; furnish
klä sig på deck out; dress o.s. up; fit out; furnish
preparera fit out; kit out; prepare; rig out get ready; make fit for; make for; make ready; prepare
utprova fit out; kit out; prepare; rig out
utrusta equip; fit out; kit out; prepare; rig out accomodate; be of help; endow; extend the hand; gift; help; make oneself useful; oblige; present
- equip; fit; outfit
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ekipera equip; fit out
utstyra fit out

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Related Definitions for "fit out":

  1. provide with (something) usually for a specific purpose1

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