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Detailed Translations for fruit from English to Swedish


fruit [the ~] noun

  1. the fruit
    – the ripened reproductive body of a seed plant 1
  2. the fruit (consequence; result; outcome)
    – the consequence of some effort or action 1
    konsekvens; resultat; avkastning
  3. the fruit

Translation Matrix for fruit:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avkastning consequence; fruit; outcome; result advantage; benefit; crop yield; earning capacity; earnings; economy; gain; output; profit; return; take; victory; winning; yield
frukt fruit
konsekvens consequence; fruit; outcome; result consequence; consequences; effect; effects; outcomes; results
resultat consequence; fruit; outcome; result case; consequence; earnings; effect; issue; outcomes; question; result; resultant; results
- yield

Related Words for "fruit":

  • fruits

Synonyms for "fruit":

Related Definitions for "fruit":

  1. an amount of a product1
  2. the consequence of some effort or action1
    • he lived long enough to see the fruit of his policies1
  3. the ripened reproductive body of a seed plant1
  4. bear fruit1
    • the trees fruited early this year1
  5. cause to bear fruit1

Wiktionary Translations for fruit:

  1. offensive slang: homosexual or effeminate man
  2. figuratively: child of a marriage
  3. figuratively: positive end result or reward of labour or effort
  4. food
  5. part of plant

Cross Translation:
fruit frukt vrucht — volgroeid vruchtbeginsel
fruit frukt fruit — voedsel dat bestaat uit eetbare vruchten
fruit frukt FruchtUmmantelung der oder des Samen einer Pflanze
fruit frukt Frucht — speziell eine Frucht[1] mit essbarem Fruchtfleisch
fruit livsfrukt; foster FruchtMedizin: kurz für „Leibesfrucht“
fruit frukt Fruchtübertragen: etwas Hervorgebrachtes
fruit frukt fruit — (botanique) partie d’une plante, souvent comestible et colorée, produire après la floraison et contenir une ou plusieurs graines.
fruit bög pédé — (vulgaire) injur|fr homme homosexuel. note Il peut arriver qu’un homosexuel s’attribue lui-même ce nom, à titre revendicatif, lui faisant perdre ainsi son caractère injurieux.

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