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Detailed Translations for herald from English to Swedish


herald [the ~] noun

  1. the herald (forerunner; harbinger)
  2. the herald

to herald verb (heralds, heralded, heralding)

  1. to herald (ring in; start; begin; open)
    proklamera; inleda; förebåda; förkunna
    • proklamera verb (proklamerar, proklamerade, proklamerat)
    • inleda verb (inledar, inledade, inledat)
    • förebåda verb (förebådar, förebådade, förebådat)
    • förkunna verb (förkunnar, förkunnade, förkunnat)

Conjugations for herald:

  1. herald
  2. herald
  3. heralds
  4. herald
  5. herald
  6. herald
simple past
  1. heralded
  2. heralded
  3. heralded
  4. heralded
  5. heralded
  6. heralded
present perfect
  1. have heralded
  2. have heralded
  3. has heralded
  4. have heralded
  5. have heralded
  6. have heralded
past continuous
  1. was heralding
  2. were heralding
  3. was heralding
  4. were heralding
  5. were heralding
  6. were heralding
  1. shall herald
  2. will herald
  3. will herald
  4. shall herald
  5. will herald
  6. will herald
continuous present
  1. am heralding
  2. are heralding
  3. is heralding
  4. are heralding
  5. are heralding
  6. are heralding
  1. be heralded
  2. be heralded
  3. be heralded
  4. be heralded
  5. be heralded
  6. be heralded
  1. herald!
  2. let's herald!
  3. heralded
  4. heralding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. herald

Translation Matrix for herald:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förelöpare forerunner; harbinger; herald
herold herald
- forerunner; harbinger; precursor; predecessor; trumpeter
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förebåda begin; herald; open; ring in; start
förkunna begin; herald; open; ring in; start announce; declare; declare names; expound; inform; proclaim; state
inleda begin; herald; open; ring in; start lead in; show in; usher in
proklamera begin; herald; open; ring in; start announce; call; declare; expound; give notice of; proclaim; state
- acclaim; announce; annunciate; foretell; hail; harbinger
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
härold herald

Related Words for "herald":

  • heralding, heralds

Synonyms for "herald":

Related Definitions for "herald":

  1. something that precedes and indicates the approach of something or someone1
  2. (formal) a person who announces important news1
    • the chieftain had a herald who announced his arrival with a trumpet1
  3. praise vociferously1
  4. greet enthusiastically or joyfully1
  5. foreshadow or presage1

Wiktionary Translations for herald:

Cross Translation:
herald härold Herold — Ausrufer, Bote eines Lehnsmannes im Mittelalter