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Detailed Translations for impede from English to Swedish


to impede verb (impedes, impeded, impeding)

  1. to impede (hinder; hamper)
    hämma; hejda; hindra
    • hämma verb (hämmar, hämmade, hämmat)
    • hejda verb (hejdar, hejdade, hejdjat)
    • hindra verb (hindrar, hindrade, hindrat)
  2. to impede (obstruct; hamper; hinder; stonewall)
    hindra; blockera; täppa till
    • hindra verb (hindrar, hindrade, hindrat)
    • blockera verb (blockerar, blockerade, blockerat)
    • täppa till verb (täpper till, täppte till, täppt till)
  3. to impede (obstruct; hamper; bother; hinder; stonewall)
    • motarbeta verb (motarbetar, motarbetade, motarbetat)

Conjugations for impede:

  1. impede
  2. impede
  3. impedes
  4. impede
  5. impede
  6. impede
simple past
  1. impeded
  2. impeded
  3. impeded
  4. impeded
  5. impeded
  6. impeded
present perfect
  1. have impeded
  2. have impeded
  3. has impeded
  4. have impeded
  5. have impeded
  6. have impeded
past continuous
  1. was impeding
  2. were impeding
  3. was impeding
  4. were impeding
  5. were impeding
  6. were impeding
  1. shall impede
  2. will impede
  3. will impede
  4. shall impede
  5. will impede
  6. will impede
continuous present
  1. am impeding
  2. are impeding
  3. is impeding
  4. are impeding
  5. are impeding
  6. are impeding
  1. be impeded
  2. be impeded
  3. be impeded
  4. be impeded
  5. be impeded
  6. be impeded
  1. impede!
  2. let's impede!
  3. impeded
  4. impeding
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for impede:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blockera hamper; hinder; impede; obstruct; stonewall block; hamper; hinder; jam; make impossible; obstruct; thwart
hejda hamper; hinder; impede bring to a halt; bring to a standstill; halt; put to a stop; stem; stop
hindra hamper; hinder; impede; obstruct; stonewall block; cause failure; counteract; cross; discourage; dissuade; force something to stop; frustrate; hamper; hinder; hold back; keep from; make impossible; obstruct; oppose; prevent; restrain; sabotage; stem; stop; stopping; thwart; upset
hämma hamper; hinder; impede bring to a halt; bring to a standstill; derive; drag out; draw; halt; hamper; hinder; make impossible; put to a stop; retard; slacken; slow down; staunch; stem; stop; temporise; temporize
motarbeta bother; hamper; hinder; impede; obstruct; stonewall cause failure; counteract; cross; demoralise; demoralize; discourage; frustrate; hamper; hinder; make it difficult; make it hard; obstruct; oppose; prevent; resist; sabotage; stem; stop; thwart; upset; withstand
täppa till hamper; hinder; impede; obstruct; stonewall
- block; close up; hinder; jam; obstruct; obturate; occlude

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Related Definitions for "impede":

  1. block passage through1
  2. be a hindrance or obstacle to1
    • She is impeding the progress of our project1

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Cross Translation:
impede försvåra erschweren — etwas schwieriger machen