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Detailed Translations for inhibit from English to Swedish


to inhibit verb (inhibits, inhibited, inhibiting)

  1. to inhibit (suspend; adjourn; ban)
    suspendera; utesluta; upphäva
    • suspendera verb (suspenderar, suspenderade, suspenderat)
    • utesluta verb (uteslutar, uteslutade, uteslutat)
    • upphäva verb (upphävar, upphävade, upphävat)

Conjugations for inhibit:

  1. inhibit
  2. inhibit
  3. inhibits
  4. inhibit
  5. inhibit
  6. inhibit
simple past
  1. inhibited
  2. inhibited
  3. inhibited
  4. inhibited
  5. inhibited
  6. inhibited
present perfect
  1. have inhibited
  2. have inhibited
  3. has inhibited
  4. have inhibited
  5. have inhibited
  6. have inhibited
past continuous
  1. was inhibiting
  2. were inhibiting
  3. was inhibiting
  4. were inhibiting
  5. were inhibiting
  6. were inhibiting
  1. shall inhibit
  2. will inhibit
  3. will inhibit
  4. shall inhibit
  5. will inhibit
  6. will inhibit
continuous present
  1. am inhibiting
  2. are inhibiting
  3. is inhibiting
  4. are inhibiting
  5. are inhibiting
  6. are inhibiting
  1. be inhibited
  2. be inhibited
  3. be inhibited
  4. be inhibited
  5. be inhibited
  6. be inhibited
  1. inhibit!
  2. let's inhibit!
  3. inhibited
  4. inhibiting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. inhibit (call off; cancel)

Translation Matrix for inhibit:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
suspendera adjourn; ban; inhibit; suspend
upphäva adjourn; ban; inhibit; suspend annul; nullify; rescind; revoke; undo
utesluta adjourn; ban; inhibit; suspend alienate; ban; banish; debar; dispel; drive away; drive off; drive out; drop; except; except from; exclude; exile; exorcise; exorcize; expel; omit; ostracise; ostracize; preclude; repel; rule out; shut out
- bottle up; conquer; curb; stamp down; subdue; suppress
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inhibera call off; cancel; inhibit
utesluta eliminate; except; exclude; expel

Related Words for "inhibit":

Synonyms for "inhibit":

Related Definitions for "inhibit":

  1. to put down by force or authority1
  2. limit the range or extent of1
    • Contact between the young was inhibited by strict social customs1
  3. control and refrain from showing; of emotions, desires, impulses, or behavior1
  4. limit, block, or decrease the action or function of1
    • inhibit the action of the enzyme1
    • inhibit the rate of a chemical reaction1
  5. To prevent an occurrence. For example, to inhibit interrupts from an external device means to prevent the external device from sending any interrupts.2

Wiktionary Translations for inhibit:

  1. to hinder; to restrain

Cross Translation:
inhibit inhibera inhiber — ralentir un processus
inhibit inhibera inhiber — ralentir une action