Detailed Translations for learning from English to Swedish


learning [the ~] noun

  1. the learning (studying)
  2. the learning (acquiring)
  3. the learning (erudition; knowledge; expertise; scholarship; cleverness)
    – profound scholarly knowledge 1


  1. learning
  2. learning (scholarship; erudition)

Translation Matrix for learning:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lärande acquiring; cleverness; erudition; expertise; knowledge; learning; scholarship course; curriculum; education; instruction; lesson; teaching; tuition
studerande learning; studying assessing; course member; examining; reviewing; student
- acquisition; encyclopaedism; encyclopedism; eruditeness; erudition; learnedness; scholarship
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
inlärning learning
lärdom erudition; learning; scholarship

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Synonyms for "learning":

Related Definitions for "learning":

  1. the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge1
  2. profound scholarly knowledge1

Wiktionary Translations for learning:

  1. accumulated knowledge
  2. action of the verb

Cross Translation:
learning förvärvande; tillägnande Erwerb — geistige Aneignung
learning kännedom; kunskap connaissance — Exercice de la faculté par laquelle on connaît et on distingue les objets
learning medvetande; uppfattning connaissance — Conscience que l’on a de vivre

learning form of learn:

to learn verb (learns, learnt, learning)

  1. to learn (acquire; study; pick up; get the hang of)
    lära; studera
    • lära verb (lär, lärde, lärt)
    • studera verb (studerar, studerade, studerat)
  2. to learn
    – get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally 1
    • lära verb (lär, lärde, lärt)
  3. to learn (discover)
    lära; upptäcka; yppa
    • lära verb (lär, lärde, lärt)
    • upptäcka verb (upptäcker, upptäckte, upptäckt)
    • yppa verb (yppar, yppade, yppat)
  4. to learn (educate; teach)
    lära; utbilda; undervisa
    • lära verb (lär, lärde, lärt)
    • utbilda verb (utbildar, utbildade, utbildat)
    • undervisa verb (undervisar, undervisade, undervisat)
  5. to learn (gain; receive; absorb; collect)
    • lära verb (lär, lärde, lärt)
  6. to learn (study; train)
    • studera verb (studerar, studerade, studerat)
  7. to learn (qualify; study)
    studera; lära; hålla sig underrättad; lära sig
    • studera verb (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • lära verb (lär, lärde, lärt)
    • hålla sig underrättad verb (håller sig underrättad, höll sig underrättad, hållit sig underrättad)
    • lära sig verb (lär sig, lärde sig, lärt sig)
  8. to learn (come across; find; discover; meet)
    upptäcka; hitta; möta
    • upptäcka verb (upptäcker, upptäckte, upptäckt)
    • hitta verb (hittar, hittade, hittat)
    • möta verb (möter, mötte, mött)
  9. to learn (practise; study; practice)
    studera; öva; praktisera
    • studera verb (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • öva verb (övar, övade, övat)
    • praktisera verb (praktiserar, praktiserade, praktiserat)
  10. to learn (aquire; familiarise; get used to; master; familiarize)
    förvärva; lära sig; förvärva en färdighet
    • förvärva verb (förvärver, förvärvde, förvärvt)
    • lära sig verb (lär sig, lärde sig, lärt sig)
    • förvärva en färdighet verb (förvärvar en färdighet, förvärvade en färdighet, förvärvat en färdighet)
  11. to learn (study; swot)
    plugga; studera; lära in
    • plugga verb (pluggar, pluggade, pluggat)
    • studera verb (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • lära in verb (lär in, lärde in, lärt in)
  12. to learn (instruct; inform; brief; )
    • instruera verb (instruerar, instruerade, instruerat)
  13. to learn (cram up a lesson; study)
    plugga in; studera; lära in
    • plugga in verb (pluggar in, pluggade in, pluggat in)
    • studera verb (studerar, studerade, studerat)
    • lära in verb (lär in, lärde in, lärt in)

Conjugations for learn:

  1. learn
  2. learn
  3. learns
  4. learn
  5. learn
  6. learn
simple past
  1. learnt
  2. learnt
  3. learnt
  4. learnt
  5. learnt
  6. learnt
present perfect
  1. have learnt
  2. have learnt
  3. has learnt
  4. have learnt
  5. have learnt
  6. have learnt
past continuous
  1. was learning
  2. were learning
  3. was learning
  4. were learning
  5. were learning
  6. were learning
  1. shall learn
  2. will learn
  3. will learn
  4. shall learn
  5. will learn
  6. will learn
continuous present
  1. am learning
  2. are learning
  3. is learning
  4. are learning
  5. are learning
  6. are learning
  1. be learnt
  2. be learnt
  3. be learnt
  4. be learnt
  5. be learnt
  6. be learnt
  1. learn!
  2. let's learn!
  3. learnt
  4. learning
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for learn:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lära doctrine
upptäcka experience
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förvärva aquire; familiarise; familiarize; get used to; learn; master acquire; be deserving of; deserve; gain; obtain; seize; seize upon
förvärva en färdighet aquire; familiarise; familiarize; get used to; learn; master
hitta come across; discover; find; learn; meet become aware of; find; locate; notice; perceive; see; sense
hålla sig underrättad learn; qualify; study
instruera brief; explain; inform; instruct; learn; prepare; teach; train brief; educate; lead up; school; tip off; train; tutor
lära absorb; acquire; collect; discover; educate; gain; get the hang of; learn; pick up; qualify; receive; study; teach break in; coach; instruct; studying; teach; train; tutor
lära in cram up a lesson; learn; study; swot read in
lära sig aquire; familiarise; familiarize; get used to; learn; master; qualify; study
möta come across; discover; find; learn; meet become acquainted; become acquainted with; collide with; face; face with; get to know; make the acquaintance of; meet
plugga learn; study; swot grind; grind off; step up; work hard
plugga in cram up a lesson; learn; study
praktisera learn; practice; practise; study exercise; practice; practise
studera acquire; cram up a lesson; get the hang of; learn; pick up; practice; practise; qualify; study; swot; train research; study; studying; teach
undervisa educate; learn; teach educate; instruct; lead up; prepare; school; teach; train; tutor
upptäcka come across; discover; find; learn; meet explore; prospect; scan
utbilda educate; learn; teach break in; train
yppa discover; learn detect; disclose; discover; reveal; spot; turn out
öva learn; practice; practise; study drill; educate; exercise; lead up; practice; practise; redo; rehearse; repeat; resume; school; train; tutor
- acquire; ascertain; check; con; determine; discover; find out; get a line; get wind; get word; hear; instruct; larn; memorise; memorize; pick up; read; see; study; take; teach; watch
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
möta met

Related Words for "learn":

Synonyms for "learn":

Related Definitions for "learn":

  1. gain knowledge or skills1
    • She learned dancing from her sister1
    • I learned Sanskrit1
  2. get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally1
    • I learned that she has two grown-up children1
  3. be a student of a certain subject1
  4. commit to memory; learn by heart1
  5. impart skills or knowledge to1
  6. find out, learn, or determine with certainty, usually by making an inquiry or other effort1

Wiktionary Translations for learn:

  1. -
  2. to come to know; to become informed of; to find out
  3. to acquire knowledge or ability

Cross Translation:
learn erfara erfahren — zur Kenntnis bekommen, von etwas Kenntnis erhalten, etwas mitgeteilt bekommen
learn lära lernenerarbeiten/Erwerb/gewinnen von Kenntnissen und/oder geistigen oder körperlichen Fähigkeiten, Fertigkeiten und Erfahrungen
learn lära sig lernen — gezielt einen vorgegebenen Lernstoff erarbeiten und verinnerlichen

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