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Detailed Translations for listener from English to Swedish


listener [the ~] noun

  1. the listener (auditor; observer)
    lyssnare; åhörare

Translation Matrix for listener:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lyssnare auditor; listener; observer auditor
åhörare auditor; listener; observer audience; auditor
- attender; auditor; hearer

Related Words for "listener":

  • listeners

Synonyms for "listener":

Related Definitions for "listener":

  1. someone who listens attentively1
  2. A local environment (LE) associated with an application, where the LE monitors the TCP/IP or SNA network for requests to the application.2

Wiktionary Translations for listener:

  1. someone who listens

Cross Translation:
listener lyssnare Hörer — Person, die einem Radioprogramm oder sonstigen Sprechern zuhört
listener hörare; åhorare auditeur — Celui, celle qui écoute un discours, une lecture, un récit, une leçon, une exécution musicale, etc.

listener form of listen:

to listen verb (listens, listened, listening)

  1. to listen (listen to; hear out)
    lyssna på; höra på
    • lyssna på verb (lyssnar på, lyssnade på, lyssnat på)
    • höra på verb (hör på, hörde på, hört på)
  2. to listen (hear)
    höra; lyssna
    • höra verb (hör, hörde, hört)
    • lyssna verb (lyssnar, lyssnade, lyssnat)
  3. to listen (obey; comply; heed)
    • lyda verb (lyder, löd, lydit)
  4. to listen (listen carefully; attend)
    lystna uppmerksamt; höra på; lystna noggrannt
  5. to listen
    – To wait for incoming traffic, calls or connection requests on a port. 2
    • lyssna verb (lyssnar, lyssnade, lyssnat)

Conjugations for listen:

  1. listen
  2. listen
  3. listens
  4. listen
  5. listen
  6. listen
simple past
  1. listened
  2. listened
  3. listened
  4. listened
  5. listened
  6. listened
present perfect
  1. have listened
  2. have listened
  3. has listened
  4. have listened
  5. have listened
  6. have listened
past continuous
  1. was listening
  2. were listening
  3. was listening
  4. were listening
  5. were listening
  6. were listening
  1. shall listen
  2. will listen
  3. will listen
  4. shall listen
  5. will listen
  6. will listen
continuous present
  1. am listening
  2. are listening
  3. is listening
  4. are listening
  5. are listening
  6. are listening
  1. be listened
  2. be listened
  3. be listened
  4. be listened
  5. be listened
  6. be listened
  1. listen!
  2. let's listen!
  3. listened
  4. listening
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for listen:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
höra hearing; listening; listening to
lyssna på hearing; listening; listening to
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
höra hear; listen audit; check; eavesdropping; examine; hear; hearing; inspect; listening; verify
höra på attend; hear out; listen; listen carefully; listen to lend an ear
lyda comply; heed; listen; obey comply with; live up to; obey
lyssna hear; listen lend an ear
lyssna på hear out; listen; listen to
lystna noggrannt attend; listen; listen carefully
lystna uppmerksamt attend; listen; listen carefully
- hear; heed; mind; take heed
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
lyssna listen; now listen
lyssna nu listen; now listen

Related Words for "listen":

Synonyms for "listen":

Related Definitions for "listen":

  1. hear with intention1
  2. listen and pay attention1
  3. pay close attention to; give heed to1
  4. To wait for incoming traffic, calls or connection requests on a port.2

Wiktionary Translations for listen:

  1. to hear (something)
  2. to accept advice or obey instruction
  3. to expect or wait for a sound
  4. to pay attention to a sound

Cross Translation:
listen lyssna luisteren — gericht waarnemen met het oor
listen höra upp herhören — K|intrans.|ugs. jemandem aufmerksam zuhören
listen tjuvlyssna; lyssna horchen — heimlich bei etwas zuhören
listen lyssna lauschenallgemein: aufmerksam zuhören
listen lyssna lauschenallgemein: aus der Distanz etwas abhören
listen lyssna zuhören — (jemanden/etwas) bewusst hören
listen höra; lyssna; åhöra écouter — Faire attention, prêter l’oreille pour entendre.