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Detailed Translations for look up from English to Swedish

look up:

to look up verb (looks up, looked up, looking up)

  1. to look up
    titta up
    • titta up verb (tittar up, tittade up, tittat up)
  2. to look up
    titta upp
    • titta upp verb (tittar upp, tittade upp, tittat upp)
  3. to look up (visit; pass; come past; )
    • besöka verb (besöker, besökte, besökt)
  4. to look up (check; verify; research)
    kolla; undersöka; slå upp
    • kolla verb (kollar, kollade, kollat)
    • undersöka verb (undersöker, undersökte, undersökt)
    • slå upp verb (slår upp, slog upp, slagit upp)
  5. to look up (look upwards)
    se upp; titta upp
    • se upp verb (ser upp, såg upp, sett upp)
    • titta upp verb (tittar upp, tittade upp, tittat upp)

Conjugations for look up:

  1. look up
  2. look up
  3. looks up
  4. look up
  5. look up
  6. look up
simple past
  1. looked up
  2. looked up
  3. looked up
  4. looked up
  5. looked up
  6. looked up
present perfect
  1. have looked up
  2. have looked up
  3. has looked up
  4. have looked up
  5. have looked up
  6. have looked up
past continuous
  1. was looking up
  2. were looking up
  3. was looking up
  4. were looking up
  5. were looking up
  6. were looking up
  1. shall look up
  2. will look up
  3. will look up
  4. shall look up
  5. will look up
  6. will look up
continuous present
  1. am looking up
  2. are looking up
  3. is looking up
  4. are looking up
  5. are looking up
  6. are looking up
  1. be looked up
  2. be looked up
  3. be looked up
  4. be looked up
  5. be looked up
  6. be looked up
  1. look up!
  2. let's look up!
  3. looked up
  4. looking up
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for look up:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
besöka inspection; view; visit
titta up looking up
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
besöka call at; call on; come past; drop by; look for; look up; pass; seek out; visit drop by; drop in; pay a visit; visit
kolla check; look up; research; verify audit; check; control; count again; examine; inspect; keep an eye on; look over; observe; pretest; recount; spectate; survey; test; try; try out; verify; watch
se upp look up; look upwards look out; mind; watch out
slå upp check; look up; research; verify pour in
titta up look up
titta upp look up; look upwards
undersöka check; look up; research; verify audit; check; control; count again; examine; grope about; hear; inspect; investigate; look at; pretest; probe; recount; research; rummage about; rummage around; search; search for; see; see over; see round; sniff around; sound; study; survey; test; try; try out; verify; view; visit
- consult; refer

Synonyms for "look up":

Related Definitions for "look up":

  1. seek information from1

Wiktionary Translations for look up:

look up
  1. to obtain information about something from a text source
  2. used other than as an idiom

Cross Translation:
look up slå upp nachschlagen — in einem Buch nach einer Information suchen
look up se efter nachsehen — nach Information suchen, eine Recherche durchführen, etwas verifizieren

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