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  1. publication
  2. publication (sending out)

Translation Matrix for publication:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
deklaration declaration; proclamation; promulgation; publication bill for expenses; declaration; expense sheet; expenses claim
kunggörelse announcement; declaration; proclamation; publication
kungörande announcement; declaration; disclosure; proclamation; publication
offentliggörande announcement; declaration; disclosure; proclamation; promulgation; publication
proklamation announcement; declaration; proclamation; publication
proklamering declaration; proclamation; promulgation; publication
publicering announcement; declaration; disclosure; proclamation; publication publishing
publikation announcement; article; declaration; disclosure; proclamation; publication
publisera publication; publishing
skrift article; publication account; composition; document; documented; lecture; manuscript; paper; project; report; scribe; script; scripture; text; wording; writing; written character
tillkännagivande announcement; declaration; disclosure; proclamation; promulgation; publication announcement; declaration; information; making known; notice; notification; subpoena; summons
tryckalster article; publication print; print-out
upprop announcement; declaration; proclamation; publication appealing for; appealing to; call up; calling; invocation
- issue; publishing
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
utgivning publication
utsändning publication; sending out

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Related Definitions for "publication":

  1. the business of issuing printed matter for sale or distribution1
  2. the communication of something to the public; making information generally known1
  3. the act of issuing printed materials1
  4. a copy of a printed work offered for distribution1
  5. The output created in desktop publishing applications.2
  6. A collection of one or more articles from one database.2

Wiktionary Translations for publication:

  1. an issue of printed or other matter

Cross Translation:
publication skrift Schrift — ein, meist bekanntes, Buch oder im Plural die Gesamtheit der Schriften eines bestimmten Autors

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