Detailed Translations for renounce from English to Swedish


to renounce verb (renounces, renounced, renouncing)

  1. to renounce (disown)
    stöta bort
    • stöta bort verb (stöter bort, stötte bort, stött bort)
  2. to renounce (disavow; repudiate; deny)
    inte vilja kännas vid; förneka; bestrida; desavuera; frånsäga sig ansvaret för
  3. to renounce (abjure)
    förneka; avsvärja; avsvärja sig
    • förneka verb (förnekar, förnekade, förnekat)
    • avsvärja verb (avsvärjer, avsvor, avsvurit)
    • avsvärja sig verb (avsvärjer sig, avsvor sig, avsvurit sig)

Conjugations for renounce:

  1. renounce
  2. renounce
  3. renounces
  4. renounce
  5. renounce
  6. renounce
simple past
  1. renounced
  2. renounced
  3. renounced
  4. renounced
  5. renounced
  6. renounced
present perfect
  1. have renounced
  2. have renounced
  3. has renounced
  4. have renounced
  5. have renounced
  6. have renounced
past continuous
  1. was renouncing
  2. were renouncing
  3. was renouncing
  4. were renouncing
  5. were renouncing
  6. were renouncing
  1. shall renounce
  2. will renounce
  3. will renounce
  4. shall renounce
  5. will renounce
  6. will renounce
continuous present
  1. am renouncing
  2. are renouncing
  3. is renouncing
  4. are renouncing
  5. are renouncing
  6. are renouncing
  1. be renounced
  2. be renounced
  3. be renounced
  4. be renounced
  5. be renounced
  6. be renounced
  1. renounce!
  2. let's renounce!
  3. renounced
  4. renouncing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they


  1. renounce (resign; waive)
  2. renounce (fore swear; abjure)

Translation Matrix for renounce:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avsvärja abjure; renounce
avsvärja sig abjure; renounce
bestrida deny; disavow; renounce; repudiate battle with; challenge; combat; contest; dispute; fight; quarrel; question
desavuera deny; disavow; renounce; repudiate
frånsäga sig ansvaret för deny; disavow; renounce; repudiate
förneka abjure; deny; disavow; renounce; repudiate decline; denounce; deny; disapprove; disclaim; disown; dispossess; expropriate; object to; refuse; reject; repudiate; spurn; turn down
inte vilja kännas vid deny; disavow; renounce; repudiate
stöta bort disown; renounce hit off; knock off; push off
- abdicate; disown; foreswear; give up; quit; relinquish; repudiate; resign; vacate
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
avkall renounce; resign; waive
avsvära abjure; fore swear; renounce

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Related Definitions for "renounce":

  1. cast off1
    • She renounced her husband1
  2. turn away from; give up1
  3. leave (a job, post, or position) voluntarily1
  4. give up, such as power, as of monarchs and emperors, or duties and obligations1

Wiktionary Translations for renounce:

Cross Translation:
renounce lämna; överge abandonner — Se remettre à ; se laisser aller à ; se livrer à.
renounce avsvärja; vända sig ifrån; bryta med abjurer — (religion) abandonner, par un acte solennel, une religion ou une doctrine.