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  1. ring in:


Detailed Translations for ring in from English to Swedish

ring in:

to ring in verb (rings in, rang in, ringing in)

  1. to ring in (herald; start; begin; open)
    proklamera; inleda; förebåda; förkunna
    • proklamera verb (proklamerar, proklamerade, proklamerat)
    • inleda verb (inledar, inledade, inledat)
    • förebåda verb (förebådar, förebådade, förebådat)
    • förkunna verb (förkunnar, förkunnade, förkunnat)

Conjugations for ring in:

  1. ring in
  2. ring in
  3. rings in
  4. ring in
  5. ring in
  6. ring in
simple past
  1. rang in
  2. rang in
  3. rang in
  4. rang in
  5. rang in
  6. rang in
present perfect
  1. have rung in
  2. have rung in
  3. has rung in
  4. have rung in
  5. have rung in
  6. have rung in
past continuous
  1. was ringing in
  2. were ringing in
  3. was ringing in
  4. were ringing in
  5. were ringing in
  6. were ringing in
  1. shall ring in
  2. will ring in
  3. will ring in
  4. shall ring in
  5. will ring in
  6. will ring in
continuous present
  1. am ringing in
  2. are ringing in
  3. is ringing in
  4. are ringing in
  5. are ringing in
  6. are ringing in
  1. be rung in
  2. be rung in
  3. be rung in
  4. be rung in
  5. be rung in
  6. be rung in
  1. ring in!
  2. let's ring in!
  3. rung in
  4. ringing in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for ring in:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
förebåda begin; herald; open; ring in; start
förkunna begin; herald; open; ring in; start announce; declare; declare names; expound; inform; proclaim; state
inleda begin; herald; open; ring in; start lead in; show in; usher in
proklamera begin; herald; open; ring in; start announce; call; declare; expound; give notice of; proclaim; state

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