Detailed Translations for summons from English to Swedish


summons [the ~] noun

  1. the summons (citation)
  2. the summons (summon; subpoena)
  3. the summons (notification; subpoena; warrant)
  4. the summons (receipts; notes of remittance; remittance-notes)
    stämning; böter
  5. the summons (reminder)
  6. the summons (notification; announcement; subpoena)
  7. the summons (calls; citations)

Translation Matrix for summons:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
befallning calls; citations; summons assignment; command; commands; cue; instruction; motto; order; orders; parole; shibboleth
böter notes of remittance; receipts; remittance-notes; summons fine; monetary penalty; penalty; ticket
frammaningar citation; summons
inkallande calls; citations; summons
kallelse call; calls; citations; convocation; subpoena; summon; summons calling; invocation; vocation
kungörelse announcement; notification; subpoena; summons announcement; notice; proclamation
påminnelse reminder; summons demand; memorandum; reminder; urgent request
skriftligt frammana notification; subpoena; summons; warrant
stämning notes of remittance; receipts; remittance-notes; summons atmosphere
tillkännagivande announcement; notification; subpoena; summons announcement; declaration; disclosure; information; making known; notice; notification; proclamation; promulgation; publication
- bidding; process
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- cite; summon

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Synonyms for "summons":

Related Definitions for "summons":

  1. a writ issued by authority of law; usually compels the defendant's attendance in a civil suit; failure to appear results in a default judgment against the defendant1
  2. an order to appear in person at a given place and time1
  3. a request to be present1
  4. call in an official matter, such as to attend court1

Wiktionary Translations for summons:

Cross Translation:
summons upprop AufrufAufforderung an eine bestimmte Person oder Personengruppe/Organisation
summons stämning LadungJurisdiktion: Vorladung vor ein Gericht oder eine Behörde
summons rop Ruf — ein Laut, der an jemanden adressiert ist
summons anvisa; angiva; bestämma; stämma assignerdéterminer, faire connaître.
summons maning sommationaction de sommer, de mettre en demeure.


to summon verb (summons, summoned, summoning)

  1. to summon (call up)
    kalla samman
    • kalla samman verb (kallar samman, kallade samman, kallat samman)
  2. to summon (call upon; dun; exhort)
    kalla på
    • kalla på verb (kallar på, kallade på, kallat på)
  3. to summon (send for; subpoena; remind)
    påminna; skicka efter
    • påminna verb (påminner, påminde, påmint)
    • skicka efter verb (skickar efter, skickade efter, skickat efter)
  4. to summon (subpoena)
    kalla; stämma; ålägga att inställa sig
    • kalla verb (kallar, kallade, kallat)
    • stämma verb (stämmer, stämde, stämt)
    • ålägga att inställa sig verb (ålägger att inställa sig, ålade att inställa mig, ålagt att inställa sig)
  5. to summon (subpoena)
    delge en stämning; instämma; kalla inför rätta
    • delge en stämning verb (delger en stämning, delgav en stämning, delgivit en stämning)
    • instämma verb (instämmer, instämmde, instämmt)
    • kalla inför rätta verb (kallar inför rätta, kallade inför rätta, kallat inför rätta)

Conjugations for summon:

  1. summon
  2. summon
  3. summons
  4. summon
  5. summon
  6. summon
simple past
  1. summoned
  2. summoned
  3. summoned
  4. summoned
  5. summoned
  6. summoned
present perfect
  1. have summoned
  2. have summoned
  3. has summoned
  4. have summoned
  5. have summoned
  6. have summoned
past continuous
  1. was summoning
  2. were summoning
  3. was summoning
  4. were summoning
  5. were summoning
  6. were summoning
  1. shall summon
  2. will summon
  3. will summon
  4. shall summon
  5. will summon
  6. will summon
continuous present
  1. am summoning
  2. are summoning
  3. is summoning
  4. are summoning
  5. are summoning
  6. are summoning
  1. be summoned
  2. be summoned
  3. be summoned
  4. be summoned
  5. be summoned
  6. be summoned
  1. summon!
  2. let's summon!
  3. summoned
  4. summoning
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

summon [the ~] noun

  1. the summon (subpoena; summons)

Translation Matrix for summon:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kallelse subpoena; summon; summons call; calling; calls; citations; convocation; invocation; summons; vocation
stämma voice
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bjuda begin; call in; engage; enlist; initiate; invite; invoke; operationalize
delge en stämning subpoena; summon
instämma subpoena; summon agree; agree to; agree with; approve; back up
kalla subpoena; summon call; denominate; mention; name; stamp one's foot; term
kalla inför rätta subpoena; summon
kalla på call upon; dun; exhort; summon call; hail; shout; speak
kalla samman call up; summon
påminna remind; send for; subpoena; summon don't forget; dun; recall to memory; remember; remind
skicka efter remind; send for; subpoena; summon forward; send after
stämma subpoena; summon be correct
ålägga att inställa sig subpoena; summon
- cite; come up; marshal; marshall; mobilise; mobilize; muster; muster up; rally; summons
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bjuda call in; send for; summon entertain; invite; offer; treat
påkalla summon
uppfordra call; request; summon call upon; haul

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Related Definitions for "summon":

  1. make ready for action or use1
  2. call in an official matter, such as to attend court1
  3. ask to come1
    • summon a lawyer1
  4. gather or bring together1

Wiktionary Translations for summon:

  1. to call people together
  2. to ask someone to come

Cross Translation:
summon lasta in einladen — jemandem die unentgeltliche Teilnahme an etwas anbieten
summon kalla; ropa appelerdésigner quelqu’un par son nom ; pourvoir quelqu’un d’un nom.
summon anropa; åkalla invoquerappeler à son secours, à son aide, par une prière.

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