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  1. swing around:


Detailed Translations for swing around from English to Swedish

swing around:

to swing around verb (swings around, swung around, swinging around)

  1. to swing around (turn; roll; rotate; )
    vända sig
    • vända sig verb (vänder sig, vändde sig, vänt sig)
  2. to swing around (reverse; shift; turn; twist)
    svänga; vända
    • svänga verb (svänger, svängde, svängt)
    • vända verb (vänder, vändde, vänt)

Conjugations for swing around:

  1. swing around
  2. swing around
  3. swings around
  4. swing around
  5. swing around
  6. swing around
simple past
  1. swung around
  2. swung around
  3. swung around
  4. swung around
  5. swung around
  6. swung around
present perfect
  1. have swung around
  2. have swung around
  3. has swung around
  4. have swung around
  5. have swung around
  6. have swung around
past continuous
  1. was swinging around
  2. were swinging around
  3. was swinging around
  4. were swinging around
  5. were swinging around
  6. were swinging around
  1. shall swing around
  2. will swing around
  3. will swing around
  4. shall swing around
  5. will swing around
  6. will swing around
continuous present
  1. am swinging around
  2. are swinging around
  3. is swinging around
  4. are swinging around
  5. are swinging around
  6. are swinging around
  1. be swung around
  2. be swung around
  3. be swung around
  4. be swung around
  5. be swung around
  6. be swung around
  1. swing around!
  2. let's swing around!
  3. swung around
  4. swinging around
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for swing around:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
svänga reverse; shift; swing around; turn; twist arch; bow; craddle; curve; lull; oscillate; sway; swing; swingle; turn; veer; whirl; wobble
vända reverse; shift; swing around; turn; twist flip; revolve; shift; turn
vända sig revolve; roll; rotate; swing around; turn; twist; whirl flip; roll over; swing; turn; turn around; turn over; veer
- swing about; turn around

Synonyms for "swing around":

Related Definitions for "swing around":

  1. turn abruptly and face the other way, either physically or metaphorically1

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