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term [the ~] noun

  1. the term (designation; name)
    namn; benämning; term
  2. the term (period; period of time; space of time; time; space)
    period; tidsrymd
  3. the term (denomination; name; title)
    namn; benämning; titel
  4. the term (duration; running time; period)
  5. the term (condition; requisite; stipulation)
    villkor; antagande
  6. the term (expression; phrase; statement; )
  7. the term (school-hours; school-time; school-years)

term verb

  1. term (denominate; call; name)
    nämna; kalla; benämna
    • nämna verb (nämner, nämnde, nämnt)
    • kalla verb (kallar, kallade, kallat)
    • benämna verb (benämner, benämnde, benämnt)

Translation Matrix for term:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
antagande condition; requisite; stipulation; term advancing; appropriation; arrogation; assumption; hunch; hypothesis; postulating; presentiment; presumption; supposition; theory
benämning denomination; designation; name; term; title
löptid duration; period; running time; term
namn denomination; designation; name; term; title name; reputations
period period; period of time; space; space of time; term; time age; epoch; era; period; period of time; space of time; time
skoltid school-hours; school-time; school-years; term
skoltimmar school-hours; school-time; school-years; term
term designation; name; term
tidsrymd period; period of time; space; space of time; term; time period; period of time; space of time; time
titel denomination; name; term; title title
uttryck expression; meaning; phrase; saying; statement; term; turn of phrase comment; declaration; expression; expression of opinion; expressions; facial expression; idiom; letting out; look; remark; statement; utterance
villkor condition; requisite; stipulation; term circumstances; condition; conditions; criterion; stipulation; strings
- condition; full term; terminal figure; terminus
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
benämna call; denominate; name; term call
kalla call; denominate; name; term call; mention; name; stamp one's foot; subpoena; summon
nämna call; denominate; name; term bring up; call; make mention of; mention; name; stamp one's foot
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beteckning denomination; designation; term
nämna name
skov period of time; phase; term
villkor condition

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Related Definitions for "term":

  1. (architecture) a statue or a human bust or an animal carved out of the top of a square pillar; originally used as a boundary marker in ancient Rome1
  2. any distinct quantity contained in a polynomial1
    • the general term of an algebraic equation of the n-th degree1
  3. a word or expression used for some particular thing1
    • he learned many medical terms1
  4. one of the substantive phrases in a logical proposition1
    • the major term of a syllogism must occur twice1
  5. (usually plural) a statement of what is required as part of an agreement1
    • the terms of the treaty were generous1
  6. a limited period of time1
    • a prison term1
    • he left school before the end of term1
  7. the end of gestation or point at which birth is imminent1
  8. name formally or designate with a term1
  9. A word or phrase that stands for a concept used in a particular subject area.2

Wiktionary Translations for term:

  1. limitation, restriction or regulation
  2. word or phrase, especially one from a specialised area of knowledge
  3. relations among people
  4. part of a year
  5. period of time, time limit
  6. one of the addends in a sum
  7. period in office or prison

Cross Translation:
term begrepp Begriff — eine Semantik Einheit im Unterschied zum Wort oder zur Wortgruppe als sprachlicher Einheit
term beteckning BezeichnungSemiotik: Code aus Zeichen und Symbolen, der auf einen Gegenstand oder Begriff verweist.
term fackord Fachwort — Wort der Fachsprache eines (wissenschaftlichen) Sachgebietes
term fackterm Kunstwortveraltet: Fachwort, Fachausdruck
term ord WortLinguistik: kleinste, eine selbstständige Bedeutung tragende Einheit der Sprache, eine grammatische Einheit
term kondition conditionnature, état ou qualité d’une chose ou d’une personne.
term benämna; heta; kalla nommer — Attribuer, imposer un nom à une personne ou une chose. (Sens général).
term period périodetemps qu’une chose met à accomplir les phases de sa durée.

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