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  1. venous:


Detailed Translations for venous from English to Swedish


venous adj

  1. venous (veined; nerved; nervate; veiny)
  2. venous (nerved)

Translation Matrix for venous:

ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
nervigt nerved; venous
venös nerved; venous
venöst nerved; venous
ådrig nervate; nerved; veined; veiny; venous veined
ådrigt nervate; nerved; veined; veiny; venous marbled; veined

Synonyms for "venous":

Related Definitions for "venous":

  1. of or contained in or performing the function of the veins1
    • venous inflammation1
    • venous blood as contrasted with arterial blood1
    • venous circulation1