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Detailed Translations for anónimo from Spanish to English


anónimo adj

  1. anónimo (sin nombre)
  2. anónimo
    – Pertaining to a process or content that is not associated with an identifiable user or originator. 1

Translation Matrix for anónimo:

AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
anonymous anónimo; sin nombre
nameless anónimo; sin nombre

Related Words for "anónimo":

  • anónima, anónimas, anónimos

Synonyms for "anónimo":

Wiktionary Translations for anónimo:

  1. lacking individuality
  2. without consideration of prestige, title, rank or background
  3. of unknown name; whose name is withheld
  4. without any name (of responsible agent) acknowledged
  5. wanting a name, not named and determined

Cross Translation:
anónimo anonymous anoniem — naamloos
anónimo anonymous; anonym anonym — die Angabe des Urhebers auslassend, unterlassend
anónimo nameless; innominate namenlos — keinen Namen habend, ohne Namen
anónimo nameless anonyme — Sans nom