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Detailed Translations for CV from Spanish to English



  1. CV (currículum vítae)
    the resume; the curriculum vitae; the CV
    – A summary of one's academic and work history, usually submitted with a job application. 1
  2. CV (Currículum Vitae)
    the curriculum vitae; the CV
    – A detailed summary of one's academic and work history and experience, including information about research, publications, and/or academic or personal interests and achievements. 1

Translation Matrix for CV:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
CV CV; Currículum Vitae; currículum vítae
curriculum vitae CV; Currículum Vitae; currículum vítae conducta de vida; curriculum vitae; curso de vida; historial
resume CV; currículum vítae
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
resume actualizar; alzar; arreglar; cambiar; ensayar; florecer; innovar; levantar; modernizar; prosperar; reanudar; reemprender; reformar; rehabilitar; renovar; reorganizar; reparar; repasar; repetir; restaurar; sanear