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  1. Contenido:


Detailed Translations for Contenido from Spanish to English



  1. Contenido (tabla de contenido; TDC)
    the Contents; the table of contents; the TOC
    – The listing of contents at the beginning of a document or file. 1
  2. Contenido
    the Content
    – An option on the Views menu in Windows Explorer that shows the most appropriate details for the file type in a flexible layout rather than only showing the details associated with the column headers in the view. 1

Translation Matrix for Contenido:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Content Contenido
Contents Contenido; TDC; tabla de contenido
TOC Contenido; TDC; tabla de contenido
table of contents Contenido; TDC; tabla de contenido registro; índice; índice de contenido; índice de materias

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