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Detailed Translations for banca from Spanish to English


banca [la ~] noun

  1. la banca
    the banking
  2. la banca (bote; puesta; plato)
    the pool
    – the combined stakes of the betters 1
    the wee-wee; the stakes; the cash for playing

Translation Matrix for banca:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
banking banca actividad bancaria
cash for playing banca; bote; plato; puesta
pool banca; bote; plato; puesta estanque; grupo; piscina
stakes banca; bote; plato; puesta aplicación; apuesta; empleo; postura; puesta; uso; utilización
wee-wee banca; bote; plato; puesta

Related Words for "banca":

  • bancas

Wiktionary Translations for banca:

  1. sports: where players sit when not playing
  2. controller of a card game
  3. institution

Cross Translation:
banca banking Bankwesen — Summe der Angelegenheiten, die die Geldinstitute betreffen