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Detailed Translations for brezo from Spanish to English


brezo [el ~] noun

  1. el brezo (brezal; brezales)
    the heathland; the moor; the heath
  2. el brezo (cultivo de brezal; erica)
    the heath bush

Translation Matrix for brezo:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
heath brezal; brezales; brezo cultivo de brezal
heath bush brezo; cultivo de brezal; erica
heathland brezal; brezales; brezo brezal; cultivo de brezal
moor brezal; brezales; brezo brezal; cultivo de brezal
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
moor amarrar; anclar; atar; atar a una cuerda

Related Words for "brezo":

  • breza, brezas

Wiktionary Translations for brezo:

  1. plant
  2. uncultivated land with sandy soil
  3. small everygreen shrub

Cross Translation:
brezo heather bruyère — Plante
brezo heather; common heather; ling calluneespèce de bruyère de la famille des éricacées, de nom scientifique Calluna vulgaris.

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