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Detailed Translations for cordillera from Spanish to English


cordillera [la ~] noun

  1. la cordillera (sierra; montañas)
    the highlands; the chain of mountains; the mountain range; the mountains; the uplands
  2. la cordillera

Translation Matrix for cordillera:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
chain of mountains cordillera; montañas; sierra
crater on the moon cordillera
highlands cordillera; montañas; sierra
mountain range cordillera; montañas; sierra
mountains cordillera; montañas; sierra
uplands cordillera; montañas; sierra

Related Words for "cordillera":

Synonyms for "cordillera":

Wiktionary Translations for cordillera:

  1. series of mountain lines
  2. line of mountains
  3. something that protrudes, sticks out, or sticks together; a cluster or blob; a mound, hill, or group
  4. chain of mountains

Cross Translation:
cordillera mountain range gebergte — een verzameling van bergen die met elkaar een groter geheel vormen
cordillera massif; mountain range; mountain system massif — Ensemble montagneux