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Detailed Translations for disco from Spanish to English


disco [el ~] noun

  1. el disco (disco de larga duración; grabado; álbum; elepé)
    the L.P.; the long playing record; the album; the record
  2. el disco (elepé; álbum)
    the L.P.; the album; the record
  3. el disco
    the record
  4. el disco
    the disk
    – A device used to store information. There are two types of disks. Hard disks are permanent and installed into your computer. Floppy disks are portable and can be inserted into and removed from a floppy disk drive. 1
  5. el disco (disquete)
    the disk; the floppy disk
    – A reusable magnetic storage medium. The floppy disk used today is the rigid 3.5-inch microfloppy that holds 1.44 MB. It is called floppy because the first varieties were housed in bendable jackets. 1


  1. disco
    the disc
    – A round, flat piece of nonmagnetic, shiny metal encased in a plastic coating, designed to be read from and written to by optical (laser) technology. 1

Translation Matrix for disco:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
L.P. disco; disco de larga duración; elepé; grabado; álbum
album disco; disco de larga duración; elepé; grabado; álbum disco de microsurco; álbum
disc disco
disk disco; disquete
floppy disk disco; disquete disquete; floppy
long playing record disco; disco de larga duración; elepé; grabado; álbum
record disco; disco de larga duración; elepé; grabado; álbum apunte; catálogo; comentario; crónica; especificación; fila; historia; inventario; lista; marca; registro; relación; relato; reportaje; récord
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
record anotar; apuntar; escribir; grabar un texto en la cinta; indexar; inscribir; poner en papel; poner por escrito; recordar; registrar; reservarse; retener

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Wiktionary Translations for disco:

  1. a vinyl phonograph/gramophone record
  2. something resembling a disk
  3. a thin, flat, circular plate
  4. athletics sport of throwing the discus
  5. round plate-like object for throwing
  6. a vinyl phonograph / gramophone record
  7. worthless compact disc or DVD
  8. disk used in hockey

Cross Translation:
disco disc schijf — een plat en rond voorwerp
disco puck puck — harde rubberen schijf gebruikt bij ijshockey
disco discus Diskus — Wurfscheibe in der Leichtathletik
disco disk Platte — (umgangssprachlich) Tonträger zur Konservierung von Musikstücken, Kurzform von Schallplatte
disco pane Scheibeallgemein: rundes, flaches Etwas
disco disco disco — (vieilli) discothèque. Endroit où l’on va habituellement de nuit pour écouter de la musique et danser.
disco dial; disc; disk disque — géométrie|fr surface délimitée par un cercle. Le disque fermé comprend le cercle et le disque ouvert ne le comprend pas.

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