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  1. duplicar:
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Detailed Translations for duplicar from Spanish to English


duplicar verb

  1. duplicar (multicopiar)
    to duplicate; to multiply
    • duplicate verb (duplicates, duplicated, duplicating)
    • multiply verb (multiplies, multiplied, multiplying)
  2. duplicar
    to duplicate
    • duplicate verb (duplicates, duplicated, duplicating)
  3. duplicar
    to duplicate
    – To make a copy of. 1
    • duplicate verb (duplicates, duplicated, duplicating)

Translation Matrix for duplicar:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
duplicate copia; doble; duplicado; duplo; extracto de cuenta; fotocopia; imitación; transcripción
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
duplicate duplicar; multicopiar copiar a ciclostil; doblarse; duplicarse; multicopiar; multiplicar; reproducir; reproducirse
multiply duplicar; multicopiar acumular; acumularse; amontonarse; apilarse; copiar a ciclostil; multicopiar; multiplicar; procrearse; reproducir; reproducirse

Synonyms for "duplicar":

Wiktionary Translations for duplicar:

  1. to make a copy of
  2. to multiply the effect or strength of by two
  3. to increase by 100%
  4. to copy
  5. to multiply by two

Cross Translation:
duplicar double verdubbelen — intr|nld tweemaal zo groot worden