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Detailed Translations for escena from Spanish to English


escena [la ~] noun

  1. la escena
    the stage; the dais
  2. la escena
    the scene
  3. la escena
    the scene
    – The image that is depicted in a photograph. 1
  4. la escena
    the scene
    – A series of images and other controls combined together in a single component that can be dynamically instantiated in other components. 1
  5. la escena
    the scene
    – An image and color combination designed to personalize a display window that is viewable to other people. For example, in Windows Live Messenger, someone can choose from a set of available scenes, or upload their own background image. They can also use a default color suggestion, or specify their own color. Someone's personalization is displayed in the main Messenger window (visible to themselves) and also in the main conversation window (visible to others). 1
  6. la escena (espectáculo; teatro; podio; )
    the dais; the spectacle; the stage

Translation Matrix for escena:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dais escena; escenario; espectáculo; estrado; podio; proscenio; teatro
scene escena
spectacle escena; escenario; espectáculo; estrado; podio; proscenio; teatro drama espectacular; espectáculo; espectáculo dramático; obra de teatro; pieza de grand espectáculo; pieza espectáculo
stage escena; escenario; espectáculo; estrado; podio; proscenio; teatro estadio; estadio de evolución; etapa; etapa en el dearrollo; fase; fase de desarrollo; fase de flujo de trabajo; momento; mundo del teatro; período; teatro; tramo; trayecto
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
stage copia intermedia; escenificar; fingir; inventar; poner en escena; pretender; simular

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Wiktionary Translations for escena:

  1. location of a crime
  2. the location of an event that attracts attention
  3. subdivision of an act
  4. exhibition of passionate or strong feeling before others
  5. in theatre

Cross Translation:
escena scene Szene — die Bühne, der Schauplatz der dramatischen Handlung

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