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Detailed Translations for hermano from Spanish to English


hermano [el ~] noun

  1. el hermano (cofrade)
    the brother; the friar
  2. el hermano (hermano lego)
    the lay brother
  3. el hermano (fraile; religioso)
    the friar; the lay brother

Translation Matrix for hermano:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
brother cofrade; hermano
friar cofrade; fraile; hermano; religioso fraile; religioso
lay brother fraile; hermano; hermano lego; religioso cura; fraile; monje; padre; religioso

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Synonyms for "hermano":

Wiktionary Translations for hermano:

  1. male fellow member of a religious community
  2. male having parents in common
  3. male sibling
  4. person who shares same parents
  5. attributively: of an entity that has a special relationship with another

Cross Translation:
hermano brother Brudermännliches Geschwisterteil
hermano brother broer — een mannelijk kind van dezelfde ouders
hermano brother frère — Celui qui est né de même père et de même mère.
hermano brother; friar frère — Celui qui naître de même père et de même mère.

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