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Detailed Translations for juventud from Spanish to English


juventud [la ~] noun

  1. la juventud (albores de la vida)
    the youth
    – the freshness and vitality characteristic of a young person 1
    the youthfulness
  2. la juventud (jóvenes; gente joven)
    the youngsters; the youths
    the youth
    – young people collectively 1
    • youth [the ~] noun
      • youth everywhere rises in revolt1

Translation Matrix for juventud:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
youngsters gente joven; juventud; jóvenes
youth albores de la vida; gente joven; juventud; jóvenes chico; golfillo; joven; zagal
youthfulness albores de la vida; juventud
youths gente joven; juventud; jóvenes

Related Words for "juventud":

  • juventudes

Synonyms for "juventud":

Wiktionary Translations for juventud:

  1. the younger generation
  2. quality or state of being young
  3. part of life following childhood
  4. young persons, collectively
  5. vitality

Cross Translation:
juventud youth jeugd — het jong zijn
juventud adolescence; boyhood; youth Jugend — die Gesamtheit der jung Leute
juventud youth jeunesse — Partie de la vie entre l’enfance et l’âge adulte
juventud youth; youthfulness jeunesse — État de celui, celle ou ce qui est jeune
juventud youth jeunesse — Ensemble des jeunes gens

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