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Detailed Translations for lecho from Spanish to English


lecho [el ~] noun

  1. el lecho (macizo; litera; arriate)
    the bed
    – a plot of ground in which plants are growing 1
    • bed [the ~] noun
      • the gardener planted a bed of roses1
    the place to sleep; the bedstead; the flower garden
    the flower bed
    – a bed in which flowers are growing 1
  2. el lecho (litera; cama)
    the bedstead
  3. el lecho (cama; camposanto; litera)
    the lair; the bedstead; the sleeping-place; the place to sleep
    the bed
    – a piece of furniture that provides a place to sleep 1
    • bed [the ~] noun
      • he sat on the edge of the bed1
      • the room had only a bed and chair1

Translation Matrix for lecho:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bed arriate; cama; camposanto; lecho; litera; macizo cama; canapé; cuadro; marcizo; sofá
bedstead arriate; cama; camposanto; lecho; litera; macizo
flower bed arriate; lecho; litera; macizo
flower garden arriate; lecho; litera; macizo jardín de flores
lair cama; camposanto; lecho; litera cabaña; caseta de animal; casilla; gallinero; garita; jaula; lóculo; masilla; pegamento; pocilga; recuadro; taquilla; trastero; zahurda; zaquizamí
place to sleep arriate; cama; camposanto; lecho; litera; macizo alojamiento; sitio para dormir
sleeping-place cama; camposanto; lecho; litera
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bed poner en la cama

Related Words for "lecho":

  • lechos

Synonyms for "lecho":

Wiktionary Translations for lecho:

  1. flat surface or layer on which something else is to be placed
  2. piece of furniture

Cross Translation:
lecho bed Bett — natürlich entstandene oder künstlich hergestellte Formation für Gewässer, Speisen oder Verkehrswege
lecho bed bed — een meubel gemaakt om in te slapen
lecho riverbed; floodplain lit — Espace occupé par un cours d’eau

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