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Detailed Translations for participante from Spanish to English


participante [el ~] noun

  1. el participante
    the participant; the contestant
  2. el participante
    the participant
    – A person who is part of a conversation or conference. 1
  3. el participante
    the participant
    – A synchronization provider and its associated replica. 1
  4. el participante (participante de la reunión)
    the participant; the meeting participant
    – A presenter or attendee in a meeting. 1

Translation Matrix for participante:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
contestant participante competidor; contrincante; rival
meeting participant participante; participante de la reunión
participant participante; participante de la reunión

Related Words for "participante":

  • participantes

Synonyms for "participante":

Wiktionary Translations for participante:

  1. one who participates

Cross Translation:
participante participant Teilnehmer — Person oder Gruppe, die an einem Ereignis oder einer Veranstaltung beteiligt ist

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