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Detailed Translations for pito from Spanish to English


pito [el ~] noun

  1. el pito (flauta)
    the whistle; the flute; the fife
    the pipe
    – a tubular wind instrument 1
  2. el pito
    the stub; the butt

Translation Matrix for pito:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
butt pito asidero; balde; barreño; barril; bañera; bobo; cigarrillo; cigarro; colilla; coracero; cubo; cubo para bañarse; culata del fusil; mango; pila; pitillo; tonel; tonelada
fife flauta; pito
flute flauta; pito flauta dulce
pipe flauta; pito barra vertical; pipa
stub pito cepa; tocón; troncho
whistle flauta; pito
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pipe canalizar
whistle silbar; soplar; tocar la flauta

Related Words for "pito":

  • pitos

Synonyms for "pito":

Wiktionary Translations for pito:

  1. loud alarm, especially on a motor vehicle
  2. colloquial: penis
  3. -
  4. male organ for copulation and urination
  5. musical instrument
  6. colloquial: cigarette
  7. device used to make a whistling sound
  8. sound similar to the sound made by whistling
  9. bird in Picinae

Cross Translation:
pito dick; cock zguègue — (vulgaire) pénis humain.
pito prick zob — (argot) pénis, sexe masculin.

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