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Detailed Translations for pizarra from Spanish to English


pizarra [la ~] noun

  1. la pizarra (trailla; brida)
    the schist; the slate
  2. la pizarra
    the whiteboard
    – Software that allows multiple users across a network to work together on a document that is simultaneously displayed on all the users' screens as though they are gathered around a physical whiteboard. 1

Translation Matrix for pizarra:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
schist brida; pizarra; trailla
slate brida; pizarra; trailla
whiteboard pizarra
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
slate cascar; chasquear; craquear; criticar; criticar duramente; desacreditar; descifrar; fraccionar

Related Words for "pizarra":

  • pizarras

Synonyms for "pizarra":

Wiktionary Translations for pizarra:

  1. slate board for writing on with chalk
  2. blackboard, whiteboard, etc.
  3. a surface that can be written upon with chalk
  4. sedimentary rock
  5. rock
  6. large vertical writing area

Cross Translation:
pizarra blackboard schoolbord — onderwijs|nld een zwart of groen schrijfbord zoals dat op scholen gebruikt wordt
pizarra slate leisteen — een gesteente ontstaan door de metamorfose van klei of schalie
pizarra slate Schiefer — zu dünnen Platten spaltbares Gestein
pizarra slate ardoise — Roche schisteuse

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