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Detailed Translations for rebote from Spanish to English


rebote [la ~] noun

  1. la rebote (rechazo)
    the recoil; the rebound; the kick

rebote [el ~] noun

  1. el rebote (rechazo; retroceso; recaída; regresión)
    the reversion; the atavism

Translation Matrix for rebote:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
atavism rebote; recaída; rechazo; regresión; retroceso
kick rebote; rechazo patada
rebound rebote; rechazo
recoil rebote; rechazo
reversion rebote; recaída; rechazo; regresión; retroceso
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
kick dar patadas
rebound rebotar; saltar hacia atrás
recoil arredrarse; echarse para atrás; rebotar; retirarse; retroceder

Related Words for "rebote":

  • rebotes, rebota, rebotas

Synonyms for "rebote":

Wiktionary Translations for rebote:

  1. change of direction of motion after hitting an obstacle
  2. movement up and down