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Detailed Translations for registrarse from Spanish to English


registrarse verb

  1. registrarse (suscribirse)
    sign up
    – To enroll in a service, often resulting in setting up a new account. 1
  2. registrarse (registrar)
    to register
    – To provide your name and contact information to an organization so that you can receive product information, updates, and special offers. 1
    • register verb (registers, registered, registering)

Translation Matrix for registrarse:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
register carpeta; catastro; censo electoral; fuelle; libro principal; lista de socios; lista de transacciones; lista electoral; oficina del registro civil; registro; registro de transacciones; registro de transacciones de la cuenta; tabla; índice
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
register registrar; registrarse abandonar; anotar; apuntar; apuntarse; apuntarse para; desahuciar; enrolarse; entregar; escribir; escupir; firmar; indexar; indicar; inscribir; inscribirse en; poner en papel; poner por escrito; protocolizar; registrar; registrar para el catastro; renunciar a; suscribir; suscribirse a
sign up registrarse; suscribirse contratar; estipular

Wiktionary Translations for registrarse:

  1. to enter in a register