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  1. visibilidad
    the visibility
    – A property of a replica that indicates which members of the replica set it can synchronize with and which conflict resolution rules apply. Replicas fall into three visibility types: global, local, and anonymous. 1
  2. visibilidad
    the visibility
    – The ability of one element to see or refer to another. For one element to send a message to another element, the latter must be visible to the former. 1
  3. visibilidad
    the visibility
    – The ability of a Bluetooth device to let any other Bluetooth device discover and connect with it. 1

Translation Matrix for visibilidad:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
visibility visibilidad

Wiktionary Translations for visibilidad:

  1. degree to which things may be seen

Cross Translation:
visibilidad view; visibility; sight Sicht — das, was man von einem bestimmten Punkt aus sehen kann
visibilidad visibility; view zicht — wat gezien kan worden
visibilidad visibility visibilité — didactique|fr caractère d’une chose visible.

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