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Detailed Translations for acheter from French to English


acheter verb (achète, achètes, achetons, achetez, )

  1. acheter (acquérir; se procurer; s'acheter)
    to buy; to purchase
    – obtain by purchase; acquire by means of a financial transaction 1
    • buy verb (buys, bought, buying)
      • She buys for the big department store1
    • purchase verb (purchases, purchased, purchasing)
      • The family purchased a new car1
    to acquire; to obtain
    • acquire verb (acquires, acquired, acquiring)
    • obtain verb (obtains, obtained, obtaining)
  2. acheter (acheter massivement; acquérir; accaparer; se procurer; s'acheter)
    to buy up
    • buy up verb (buys up, bought up, buying up)
  3. acheter (corrompre)
    to bribe
    • bribe verb (bribes, bribed, bribing)
  4. acheter (indemniser; rembourser; restituer; dédommager; racheter)
    to reimburse; to restitute; to repay; to compensate; to buy off; indemnificate; to make good
    • reimburse verb (reimburses, reimbursed, reimbursing)
    • restitute verb (restitutes, restituted, restituting)
    • repay verb (repays, repaid, repaying)
    • compensate verb (compensates, compensated, compensating)
    • buy off verb (buys off, bought off, buying off)
    • make good verb (makes good, made good, making good)

Conjugations for acheter:

  1. achète
  2. achètes
  3. achète
  4. achetons
  5. achetez
  6. achètent
  1. achetais
  2. achetais
  3. achetait
  4. achetions
  5. achetiez
  6. achetaient
passé simple
  1. achetai
  2. achetas
  3. acheta
  4. achetâmes
  5. achetâtes
  6. achetèrent
futur simple
  1. achèterai
  2. achèteras
  3. achètera
  4. achèterons
  5. achèterez
  6. achèteront
subjonctif présent
  1. que j'achète
  2. que tu achètes
  3. qu'il achète
  4. que nous achetions
  5. que vous achetiez
  6. qu'ils achètent
conditionnel présent
  1. achèterais
  2. achèterais
  3. achèterait
  4. achèterions
  5. achèteriez
  6. achèteraient
passé composé
  1. ai acheté
  2. as acheté
  3. a acheté
  4. avons acheté
  5. avez acheté
  6. ont acheté
  1. achète!
  2. achetez!
  3. achetons!
  4. acheté
  5. achetant
1. je, 2. tu, 3. il/elle/on, 4. nous, 5. vous, 6. ils/elles

Translation Matrix for acheter:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bribe dessous-de-table; pot-de-vin
buy achat; acquisition; affaire; obtention
purchase absorption; achat; acquisition; affaire; annexion; emplette; incorporation; obtention
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
acquire acheter; acquérir; s'acheter; se procurer acquérir; apprendre; faire l'apprentissage de; obtenir; percevoir; recevoir; s'emparer de; s'initier à; se saisir de; toucher
bribe acheter; corrompre
buy acheter; acquérir; s'acheter; se procurer
buy off acheter; dédommager; indemniser; racheter; rembourser; restituer payer une rançon; rédimer
buy up accaparer; acheter; acheter massivement; acquérir; s'acheter; se procurer
compensate acheter; dédommager; indemniser; racheter; rembourser; restituer dédommager
indemnificate acheter; dédommager; indemniser; racheter; rembourser; restituer
make good acheter; dédommager; indemniser; racheter; rembourser; restituer compenser; corriger; couvrir; faire rattraper; faire récupérer; redresser; réparer; résoudre un malentendu; se racheter
obtain acheter; acquérir; s'acheter; se procurer acquérir; capturer; chercher à recueillir; gagner; obtenir; percevoir; prendre; recevoir; remporter; réaliser; s'emparer de; saisir; se rendre maître de; se saisir de; toucher; usurper
purchase acheter; acquérir; s'acheter; se procurer
reimburse acheter; dédommager; indemniser; racheter; rembourser; restituer dédommager
repay acheter; dédommager; indemniser; racheter; rembourser; restituer dédommager; indemniser; payer; récompenser; rémunérer; rétribuer; salarier; venger
restitute acheter; dédommager; indemniser; racheter; rembourser; restituer

Synonyms for "acheter":

Wiktionary Translations for acheter:

  1. Tous sens
  1. to obtain for money
  2. to obtain by paying money or its equivalent; to buy for a price

Cross Translation:
acheter bribe omkopen(iemand ~) met behulp van geschenken, geld e.d. overhalen om van zijn plicht, partij, overtuiging te verzakent
acheter purchase; buy kopen — in ruil voor geld iets in bezit krijgen
acheter buy; purchase aankopen — door kopen verwerven
acheter purchase anschaffen — etwas für sich erwerben
acheter buy; go shopping einkaufen — Gegenstände des täglichen Bedarfs erwerben
acheter buy kaufen — eine Ware gegen Entgelt erwerben


Acheter verb

  1. Acheter
    Buy Now
    – A content template used in Commerce Server to facilitate impulse shopping: a user can purchase goods from any Web page on the Internet. When a user clicks a product image, a dialog box appears prompting the user for a shipping address and credit card information. 2

Translation Matrix for Acheter:

Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
Buy Now Acheter

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