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chronologie noun

  1. chronologie
    the timeline
    – A view type that displays items from left to right on a time scale. Use this view to display items in relation to time. Timeline is the default view type for Journal. 1
  2. chronologie
    the timeline
    – The area of the user interface that shows the timing and arrangement of files or clips that make up a project. 1
  3. chronologie
    the timeline
    – A linear representation of activities shown in chronological order, such as the activities that lead up to a sale. 1
  4. chronologie
    the timeline
    – A representation of a segment of time during which changes occur on a property at intervals called keyframes. You can specify the length of the time segment, when it should start, how many times it will repeat, and more. 1
  5. chronologie
    the timeline
    – A high-level linear representation of a project schedule that can be easily formatted, annotated, and copied and pasted from Project into other Office applications. 1

Translation Matrix for chronologie:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
timeline chronologie

Synonyms for "chronologie":

Wiktionary Translations for chronologie:

  1. science des temps ; connaissance des époques.
  1. determining the order of events
  2. arrangement into chronological order
  3. schedule of activities

Cross Translation:
chronologie chronology Chronologie — Zeitmessung, Zeitrechnung
chronologie chronology Chronologie — zeitliche Abfolge
chronologie chronology Chronologie — Wissenschaft der Zeitmessung, -rechnung, kPl.
chronologie chronology chronologie — de wetenschap die zich bezig houdt met het rangschikken in de tijd van historische gebeurtenissen