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    • coup → coup d'état, coup


Detailed Translations for coups from French to English


coups [le ~] noun

  1. le coups (coups de poing; claques; coups durs; gifles)
    the smacks; the punch; the physical violence; the blows with the fist
  2. le coups (battements)
    the knocking
  3. le coups (coups secs; boums)
    the cracks
  4. le coups
    the little dashes

Translation Matrix for coups:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
blows with the fist claques; coups; coups de poing; coups durs; gifles
cracks boums; coups; coups secs déchirure; déchirures; fentes; fissure; fissures; fractions; incisions
knocking battements; coups acte de frapper à la porte; battement
little dashes coups
physical violence claques; coups; coups de poing; coups durs; gifles
punch claques; coups; coups de poing; coups durs; gifles baffe; beigne; bourrade; butoir; cahot; chataîgne; choc; claque; coup; coup de poing; coup de pouce; coup dur; gifle; gnon; heurt; impulsion; marron; pain; perforatrice; petit coup; poinçon; poinçonneuse; poussée; torgniole; torgnole
smacks claques; coups; coups de poing; coups durs; gifles
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
punch cogner; flanquer une châtaigne à; frapper; gourmer; perforer; poinçonner; taper; étamper

Synonyms for "coups":

Wiktionary Translations for coups:

Cross Translation:
coups thrashing; trouncing Prügel — (umgangssprachlich) Schlag, die im Zuge einer körperlichen Auseinandersetzung austeilen werden
coups beating; thrashing Schmierelandschaftlich: Schlag

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Detailed Translations for coups from English to French


coup [the ~] noun

  1. the coup (coup d'etat; putsch)
    le coup; le putsch; le coup d'Etat

Translation Matrix for coup:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
coup coup; coup d'etat; putsch bang; blast; blow; boom; boot; buffer; bump; bumper; bumping into; chess move; clout; colliding with; crash; crashing into; dash; dent; draught; drink; jab; kick; kicking; knife stab; knock; move; move at chess; nookie; nudge; overripe spot; punch; push; quickie; shenanigan; shot; shove; silly trick; slap; smack; splash; squeeze; stab; sting; stroke of the clock; swig; thrust; thud; thump; wallop; whopper
coup d'Etat coup; coup d'etat; putsch
putsch coup; coup d'etat; putsch
- coup d'etat; putsch; takeover

Related Words for "coup":

Synonyms for "coup":

Related Definitions for "coup":

  1. a brilliant and notable success1
  2. a sudden and decisive change of government illegally or by force1

Wiktionary Translations for coup:

Cross Translation:
coup → coup d'état; coup staatsgreep — illegale afzetting van een regering